If you’re starting to get bored and running out of things to do during this pandemic, here are 100 things to do during self isolation.

All the things mentioned here can be done at home. Use this list to help you distract yourself from the surreal situation we’re currently facing.

Ready? Here are the best things to do at home that will keep you entertained and productive!

  1. Read a book
  2. Do a home workout – you can start with these easy at-home exercises
  3. Create a quarantine playlist
  4. Clean your gadgets of germs
  5. Finish that TV show you’ve been watching for months
  6. Start writing a book, a poem or a blog
  7. Play ‘Cards Against Humanity’ online with friends
  8. Take a virtual gallery tour
  9. Catch up on your favorite Youtube channels
  10. Support a local restaurant and order a delivery
  11. Sort through your old clothes and get them ready for charity (for when they reopen)
  12. Color code or alphabetize your books
  13. Build Lego sculptures
  14. Nap till your heart’s content
  15. Have a movie marathon
  16. Vacuum under the bed
  17. Fix up the backyard
  18. Make a travel bucket list
  19. Call grandma
  20. Sort out your bedside drawer
  21. Perfect your floral arrangements
  22. Learn to play an instrument
  23. Spring clean your space
  24. Tune into late-night shows
  25. Create a vision board
  26. Learn to count in at least 10 languages
  27. Manage your email and unsubscribe from every email you don’t need
  28. Play board games online with friends
  29. Unfollow people on Instagram
  30. Learn how to knit
  31. Binge all your ‘to-watch’ list on Netflix
  32. Cook up a storm
  33. Listen to different radio stations around the world
  34. Run a long bubble bath
  35. Leave positive reviews for the online purchases or places you love
  36. Research something you’ve always wanted to
  37. Explore your town’s queer history with Queering The Map
  38. Learn Python in 4 hours!
  39. Plant a vegetable
  40. Do a social media detox
  41. Clean your makeup brushes
  42. Try a skincare routine
  43. Redecorate or rearrange your bedroom
  44. Listen to ASMR videos for your relaxation
  45. Clean your hair tools
  46. Learn new words while donating rice to people in need using the Freerice App
  47. Figure out a sleep schedule
  48. Draft a 2 to 5-year life plan
  49. Organize your beauty cabinet
  50. Plan your travel itinerary of the holiday you’re going to take once this is over
  51. Send an email to your future self
  52. Watch Disney movies
  53. Start a bullet journal
  54. Practice self-massage with dry oil
  55. Improve your posture
  56. Download a fitness app
  57. Donate to the coronavirus relief fund
  58. Think about new idea to sell on Etsy
  59. Create a life bucket list
  60. Work out with YouTube
  61. Take a course from these online learning sites
  62. Have a home spa
  63. Learn how to do a smoky eye
  64. Marie Kondo your drawers
  65. Bake
  66. Paint your nails
  67. Sing karaoke
  68. Have a solo date night
  69. Practice self-affirmation
  70. Time to make mistakes. Cut or dye your hair
  71. Organize your finances
  72. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  73. Create healthy routines
  74. Cancel wasteful expenditures – here are some ideas
  75. Try yoga
  76. Learn to write with your less dominant hand
  77. Download The Sims
  78. Do a crossword/Sudoku
  79. Try nail art
  80. Master the winged eyeliner
  81. Cuddle with your pets
  82. Recreate childhood photos
  83. Learn sign language
  84. Take a free renovation class and plan your dream house
  85. Meditate
  86. Listen to podcasts
  87. Dance while no one is watching
  88. Go green
  89. Answer journal prompts – like this one or this one
  90. Marie Kondo your phone
  91. Start a veggie patch
  92. Binge-watch Ted Talks
  93. Eat only healthy foods for a day
  94. Sort your photos
  95. Call your friends
  96. Work on your wellness
  97. Organize your digital life
  98. Read loads of self-development books
  99. Write a letter to your future children
  100. Start a capsule wardrobe

Do you have any more suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

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