Hit that reset button with a 30-day mental health challenge.

Want to improve your mental health? This challenge is sure to help you reduce depression, anxiety, and boost your confidence.

Improving your mental health will take time which makes this 30-day mental health challenge a great tool to help you get on the track of taking care of yourself.

Note: This 30-day mental health challenge consists of one task per day that will to help you focus on your own mental health, improve your thinking and achieve a better quality of life. You’re free to tailor each day according to your needs. You can also modify, if necessary.

Tip! To keep you accountable, you can do this challenge with friends. Writing down your daily goals also helps.

So shall we get started?

Day 1| Write down your goals

Get yourself a journal or a planner and write down your goals for the next 30 days. What do you want to accomplish with this 30-day mental health challenge?

Get into the habit of journaling. Write down where you are currently at with your mental health and track your progress throughout the next 30 days. This will help you notice if there is a difference after you’re done with the challenge.

Day 2 | Write down one thing you can change in your day that will improve your mental health

What’s one thing you can change in your day that will improve your mental health. Now go about your day with that one thing changed.

Day 3 | Create a music playlist for times when you need some comfort and love

Pick tunes that will help you chill-out or pump it. Choose upbeat and happy songs. Whatever resonates and fits your mood. Music is one of the best go-to self-care tools that you can take advantage of.

Use your music playlist as part of your self-care routine. Use it to process your feelings and make yourself feel better.

Here’s a great self-care playlist you can listen to.

Day 4 | Catch up with a friend

Take day 4 of your challenge to catch up with a friend. You can call or visit them. Have a nice meal or go for a walk together. You can do anything as long as your interaction with them is positive.

Day 5| Go to bed an hour earlier

Did you know that getting enough sleep can improve your immune system, memory and mood? Tonight, go to bed an hour earlier than you normally do. You’ll be surprised at what an hour of extra sleep can do for your body and mind.

Day 6 | Declutter your home

A cluttered home can easily cause a cluttered mind. Today, start reorganizing your shelves, do a general house cleaning, and purge some of your stuff. By decluttering your home, you’re relieving yourself of stress. It also provides you with a sense of accomplishment.

Plus, getting rid of junk can free up extra space in the house. And while you’re decluttering, play upbeat music that will get you motivated to clean.

Day 7 | Schedule something fun

Whether it’s doing a movie marathon, a road trip, or a walk in the park, schedule something fun today. Think ahead and do something positive that’s tons of fun! Today is all about creating a fun and memorable day.

Day 8 | Go for a walk

It doesn’t matter where. Getting your blood flowing will reduce stress and release feel-good endorphins.

A short walk on a sunny day can immediately improve your mood.

Day 9 | Write down what you’re thankful for

No matter how your day went, take the time to write down a few things you’re thankful for. Make it a daily habit and you’ll experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have a stronger immune system.

Day 10 | Pamper yourself today

For day 10, go treat yourself. You can go get a haircut, go to a spa, or watch your favorite show. Pamper yourself today by doing something you love. You can also have a spa day at home!

Day 11 | Work out for 30 minutes

Reduce your stress and improve your mood with a workout. Try making this a regular thing for stress management and prevention.

Day 12 | Take a nap, sleep in and go to bed early

Feel like taking a nap? Do it. Sleeping in, going to bed early and taking a nap is part of your self-care routine that reduces stress.

Day 13 | Go on an unsubscribe spree with your inbox

If you find yourself with an inbox that’s crazy full and makes you anxious, go on an unsubscribe spree.

Day 14 | Listen to mental health podcasts

Listen to a mental health podcast and fuel your mind. Choose ones that are relatable to what you are currently going through.

Day 15 | Do a friend a favor

By helping a friend, you’re also boosting your mental health. Did you know that gift-givers reap more psychological benefits than the recipients. Doing a selfless act can help you feel purposeful.

If you can’t think of any appropriate favor, giving your loved ones a “just because” gift will make their day and yours, too.

Day 16 | Try a breathing exercise

People who are often stressed don’t breathe deeply which affects both body and mind. For today’s challenge, focus on your breathing and make sure you take refreshing deep breathes which releases tensions in the body and open up your lungs.

Day 17 | Take a social media detox

Do a social media detox for the whole day. Consciously take a break from social media and write down how you feel by the end of the day.

Turn off your social media notifications, and log-out of your accounts. Social media can be an unhealthy distraction that promotes feelings of depression and anxiety.

Put down your phone and be present here-and-now.

Day 18 | Do a yoga routine

Yoga isn’t only for losing weight or becoming more flexible. In fact, yoga can help you focus on what’s going on in your mind and how you are feeling.

Day 19 | Compliment someone

Put out a little good karma and compliment someone. It can be a stranger, a coworker or a friend. This not only makes others feel good but also enhance your self-confidence. Giving a genuine compliment makes you look for the good in others.

Day 20 | Practice a favorite hobby

Increase the reward circuit in your brain by practicing your favorite hobby or trying new hobbies! You can knit, doodle, color, blog, draw or create anything you want.

Day 21 | Marie Kondo your wardrobe

Check your wardrobe and pick out the things you don’t wear anymore. Donate them to charity or do a clothing swap with a friend. This can help you feel connected and purposeful. Plus, decluttering your wardrobe can bring you instant relief and boost your mental health.

Day 22 | Eat healthy for the day

You can easily plan this in advance or work on making better food choices for the day.

Day 23 | Drink only water

Avoid the soda, juice and coffee. For today, drink only water. Try drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water, too.

If you really need your morning coffee to get you going, that’s okay. Just use the rest of the day to hydrate with water.

Day 24 | Meditate for 5 minutes

You can download a meditation app to help you meditate. Try meditating for at least 5 minutes. This will help you clear your mind and boost your mental health.

Day 25 | Fix something that’s been bugging you

Have you been meaning to repair the door knob? Have your backpack’s zipper fixed? But you just can’t find the time to do it? Do them today. Fix that thing that’s been bugging you. Address maybe two or three things. This way, you’re clearing the clutter around the house and in your head.

Day 26 | Have a phone-free night

Did you know that the blue light coming from your screen can mess up your sleep hormones? So start putting your phone away and catch up with your readings. You’ll have a better quality sleep.

Day 27 | Say no at least once

When you’re always saying yes, you might end up having too much on your plate. This will only lead to stress and negative emotions.

Stop feeling guilty. Say no for the sake of yourself. Because by saying no, you’re saying yes to the things you want to do and yes to self care.

You can try saying “I’d love to, but I simply can’t,” or “I have to decline that opportunity today, thank you.” to decline gracefully.

Day 28 | Hug your pet, partner or friend

Get cuddly. Hug your loved ones. Cuddling can decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase the bonding hormone oxytocin. What does this mean? You’ll be feeling more relaxed and happier!

Day 29 | No TV night

Tonight, avoid turning on the TV and instead focus on doing something you really enjoy. This can be reading a book, cooking a meal, baking pies, or learning a new language. Use your time to build a skill of some sort.

Day 30 | Self-reflect on the month

Finally, it’s the last day of our 30-day mental health challenge and time to reflect on the month. Go back to where you wrote your goals for the month on day 1.

  • Did you accomplish your goals?
  • Which were your favorite days? Least favorite days?
  • What do you want to do next month that can help with your mental health?

Write all these down.

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