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Today’s hot topic is all about the food processor, the swiss army knife of the kitchen, and the most versatile and useful kitchen gadget to have ever graced our kitchen. This has been gaining a lot of popularity with how much it helps around the kitchen.

So today, we are listing down different peculiar ways on how to use a food processor!

But before that, here are the best food processors to get for yourself and try these hacks on!

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Create crumbs and breading mixes

Non-oven, no-bake cakes have been a trend recently and the food processor has always been a must from the start of it all.

You can use it to turn fruits into delicious icings or filings as well as crush crackers that will serve as the cake’s base.

Crushing crackers into finely even crumbs has been an undiscovered forte of the food processor until recently. Now, restaurants rely on them for prep as well as creating breading mixes that adore all their fried dishes.

Shred and grate

Cheese grater has been a staple kitchen device used for cheese and sometimes only cheese. There are some larger grates used for carrots and potatoes. But often people revert back to the trusty old trusty knife.

Not picking into graters but food processors can definitely do the work that your grater can if not even better!

Need something for pasta? Food processors got you.

Pizza? Foor processors got you.

Need a quick way to prepare cheese during a get-together? Food processors can do it without getting your hands smothered in cheese and in a fraction of the time as well.

Mince nuts

Nuts can be an amazing part of your diet. A trail mix packed as a snack provides the most nutrition out of all the snacks you can find at your local grocery store. However, a lot of people only use it in that particular way.

Another quick tip on how to use a food processor properly is learning and understanding the power these props can go. Needless to say, food processors can mince the living hell out of any nuts out there. 

With that in mind, you can start making different kinds of food with it on your own. Peanut butter, cookies, cake, and a whole lot more. You can even use it in your dishes like pistachio-crusted lambs or a nice delicate ingredient to a dish that you want to make.

Make salsa

No doubt the best when it comes to mixing and creating dipping sauces. Food processors can mix, cut, chop and blend fresh flavors into sauce bases pretty well. 

Need pesto for your pasta? No problem just chunk a few cloves of garlic and a whole lot of basil in there and let it do its magic.

You get the idea.

Create dough

At this point, we might have a harder time looking for things a food processor can’t do. Well, you might be surprised at how many people use this as an alternate mixer for creating dough. From pasta to loaf bread and intricate bread that are infused with herbs or nuts, your food processor can do it! 

There is no doubt this amazing kitchen device can do wonders, leveling up your kitchen and opening to new possibilities 

And there you have it, how to use a food processor and different ways to use it!

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