Most of us have attempted to lose weight at least once in our lifetime. After trying out different diet plans, some of us achieved the goal weight we’ve always wanted while others struggle to keep it off. 

Meanwhile, there are people we meet who are slim and stay slim. We often wonder what their secret is. Observe them long enough and you’ll realize it’s not really a secret. Instead, they have habits that help them keep their slim figure. 

These habits could actually help us in our weight-loss journey too! So it’s best to take note of them and see what works best for us. 

Here are habits that skinny girls do to stay slim.

Eat Enough to Feel Full

Skinny people only eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. 

Work on recognizing when you’re really hungry and when you’re full and try not to be tempted to eat whenever. 

Use Smaller Plates

Utilizing smaller plates makes you mindful of how much you eat. It helps you eat smaller portions and thus keeping your calorie intake less. 

Eat Protein

Protein helps in keeping us feel for a longer period of time. It stabilizes our sugar level too, lessening our unhealthy eating triggers. 

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No Late-night Snacks

Most people stay slim by eating dinner before 8PM. They limit snacking afterwards. This is because the calories eaten just before bedtime wouldn’t be burned anymore and would be stored as fat. 

If you feel really hungry after dinner, opt for healthy snacks with lesser calories such as fruits instead. 

Gifts for the Cook

Cook at Home

Eating out would just not add more unnecessary expenses, it also makes us consume more calories that we don’t need.

Cooking at home helps skinny people portion their meals well and be able to control the amount of ingredients to put in –  even cutting off empty-calorie ingredients! 

Chew Your Food Well

I know a number of people who stay slim that take time in eating their meals. Chewing your food well will aid in properly digesting it out of your body. 

Moreover, it would give time for our brain to catch up and give our body the signal that we’re full, limiting the chances of us overeating. 

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Eat More Vegetables

If you compare a 100 calorie lettuce to that of pizza of equivalent caloric amount, you’d be surprised how much the difference is. 

Skinny people focus on eating more vegetables than carbs, making them stay slim no matter how much they eat. 

Focus on Health

Skinny people stay slim because they focus on healthier options. This also means they do not starve themselves in order to stay slim. 

Instead, they incorporate eating healthy and regular exercise as part of their daily regimen.

In the end, what matters most is our general health. Afterwards, the more obvious ones, such as the weight-loss and the toning of our muscles would follow. 

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