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Setting up a home office is most probably the best way to motivate yourself to be productive when working at home. 

However, it could be a bit tricky… especially when things you needed start to magically disappear while you’re rushing to meet your deadline. 

To help you out on this concern, here are brilliant home organization ideas to maximize your productivity. 

Never Forget the Basics

Let’s start our office home organization ideas with the basics. If you aim to have a working home office, make sure the necessities are in there.

A desk file on or near your work desk works wonders in making all of your papers and stationery organized and within reach.

Label Everything

Label your boxes, drawers, and even your folders. This would save you a lot of time when you know exactly where to look. 

Turn it up a notch and color code them as well! 

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Store Unneeded Materials

Most of the time, we wouldn’t be using all our office supplies all at once. 

Keep your extra supplies in containers such as boxes, cabinets, and drawers. Just having these out of sight would make your office look more organized. 

Put Up A Calendar

Having a calendar placed on top of your desk or on a portion of your wall would help you see your events for the whole month. 

Besides, a phone could be a distraction if you end up opening a different app instead of just the calendar. 

Set up a To-do List Board

Seeing what you need to do laid out in front of you in a list helps you manage your time better. 

Just a simple frame and a cute-patterned paper would be enough to build a DIY erase board! 

Organize Your Cables Using Paper Clips

Never waste time finding your cables or drop to your knees to desperately reach it after slipping down your desk a hundred times.

Just hang them using these clips attached to your desk. 

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Stylishly Organize Your Work Items Using Cubbies

A home office doesn’t need to be only filled with necessities, decor and organization can always be mixed together. 

Try displaying your collection of cute stationery and keep them within reach by placing them in cubbies

Sort Your Books

Make your shelves a part of your room’s design element by arranging the books by size or color.

Add a cute book stand to prevent it from sliding, and to ensure it stays organized even after taking some books out. 

Add An Inspiration Corner

Sometimes it’s the stress that makes everything look unorganized. Build an inspiration corner in your office or even on a wall where you will most likely see them. 

Surely, just looking at your favorite memories and goals would most likely boost you. 

There are more home office organization ideas that you could do to maximize your productivity.

Find what works the best for you and stick to it. Eventually, you’d be able to work in it with comfort, motivation, and focus you always wanted. 

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