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Are you suffering from bad skin? It might be because of these habits.

Taking care of your skin isn’t a one-time thing. You should commit to doing it. Achieving a healthy glowing skin does not happen overnight.

Include beauty habits to your morning and night routine. Most importantly, break these bad beauty habits before it destroys your skin.

Sleeping with makeup on

Sleeping with your makeup on is a huge NO. Before you sleep, make sure to remove all your makeup with a trusted makeup remover. Cleanse and don’t forget to moisturize before you hit the sack. These are crucial steps to achieving clean and fresh skin.

Not cleaning makeup sponges

Makeup sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria. If you don’t regularly clean your makeup sponges, bacteria will grow and spread.

Imagine using a bacteria-filled sponge. It’s sure to create a breakout. And without thorough cleaning, you’re in for an endless cycle of breakouts.

Oh, and by the time your makeup sponge has the same color as your makeup, it’s time to throw it away.

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Biting off chapped skin on your lips

Biting of chapped skin will only hurt your lips. Instead, you should use a lip scrub. Do this weekly to remove any dry skin.

Also, use oil or lip balm for dry lips to avoid chapped skin. Choose lip balms without salicylic acid as this can irritate your skin and cause dryness.

Layering too much foundation

Allow your skin to breath by avoiding too much foundation. If you have oily skin, don’t apply a lot of foundation just to keep your oils at bay. This will lead to breakouts.

Too much foundation clogs the pores and makes your foundation look cakey.

For oily skin, use a mattifying setting spray instead. Then, touching up with translucent powder after letting it set.

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Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes should be washed every three to four days to avoid the growth of bacteria. You can easily wash you makeup brushes with shampoo or facial wash. Then leave them to dry.

Every time you forget to clean your makeup brushes, you’re exposing yourself to skin infections and bad breakouts. Set reminders and keep it a habit to wash your makeup brushes. Not only will this help you avoid bacteria but also improve the longevity of your tools.

Oh, and don’t try to blow on your makeup brushes. This is unsanitary as germs can transfer to the brushes. Instead of blowing, you can tap the excess makeup or swipe it on a tissue.

These are only a few of the many bad beauty habits that you should break. Avoid breakouts by using the right products and keeping yourself in check with cleaning your tools.

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