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Every girl would want to look her best no matter how busy she is. However, there are days that we just aren’t motivated enough to do that hour long make-up and self-care routine. 

Here are useful yet cheap beauty hacks that would keep you looking awesome, even during those lazy days!

The “magic three” technique

Our first in our beauty hacks is a simple yet effective way to work on that bronzer. Just make an inverted 3 on your face using a bronzer brush starting from the left-hand side of your forehead, to your cheekbones and down the corner of your jawbone. Do the mirror image on the right-hand side of your face. 

This beauty hack enables you to apply on the surfaces of your face that is mostly exposed from sunlight. No need to get complicated in highlighting your best features! 

Exfoliating lips

No need to buy or make a DIY lip scrub. Just simply wet a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently run it over your lips to remove those unwanted flakes.

Use your favorite lip balm (or this one) afterwards to give that lips the extra care they need!

Almond oil as makeup remover

Almond oil doesn’t just help you fight off pimples, it also is a cheaper alternative for popular makeup removers.

Pour a few drops onto your cotton balls and apply onto your face and lips. 

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After-workout beach waves 

Got no time for a hair-do after working out? Generously mist texturizing spray on your hair and fix your hair into a top-knot before your workout routine. 

The heat and humidity, coupled with your hair spray would produce great beach waves on your hair afterwards. 

Cold water for flawless-looking skin

Showering with hot water opens up your pores which makes it easier for bacteria to get in. 

Try taking a bath with cold water instead for at least twice a week and see tighter skin and visibly smaller pores!

No more stubborn nail polish

Pour a little nail polish in its cap and soak a small cotton in it. Cover your entire nail with the soaked cotton and leave it be while repeating the process to the other nails. 

By the time you finish the last one, you can go back to the first nail and swipe the nail polish off by pressing down. It should easily come off with this process. 

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Keep that bobby pin from slipping using hairspray

No more hair re-do’s and have your bobby pin stay intact through the use of hairspray. Just spray it onto your pins and let it dry before using them. 

Make sure to have the wavy side nearest your scalp too! 

And the last one in our beauty hacks list… 

Style your hair before sleep

If you tend to click on that snooze button every morning, better style your hair the night before.

Spritz your favorite dry shampoo onto your hair to absorb excess oil overnight. Just a little bit of fixing in the morning and you’re good to go. 

The next time you have less time and energy to work on your beauty routine, go ahead and try one of the beauty hacks in this list. It doesn’t just save time, it saves you from spending too! 

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