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Wanting to upgrade your home but a little tight on the budget? Not a problem. There’s so much you can do to make it look the way you want it to be – without having to put too much effort too! 

Here are simple and easy ideas you could try when decorating a house on a budget.

Decorate your Wall

Just simply adding bits on a bare wall could actually beautify your home – especially when you start off with it completely empty. 

Hang some art pieces or make a photo collage out of your favorite pictures to make a room more alive.

If you have that creativity in you, you can even use your wall as your very own canvas and paint whatever you want in it! 

Customize your Curtains

Make your plain curtains look more unique and stylish by adding iron-on trims on it.

You can also layer a solid-colored curtain with a sheer curtain to give your room a softer look! 

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Mix and Match Furniture

Buying a whole furniture set is the least thing you need to do when decorating a house on a budget. 

Be your own interior designer and mix and match furniture that complement each other – check their material, texture, or color. You’d definitely make your home look amazing! 

Repurpose Your Extra Furniture

If you have any furniture that doesn’t seem to fit into your current design, repurposing it is one of the best things to do when decorating a house on a budget. 

Just a few tweaks on that old barstool could turn it into the perfect little bedside table for you. 

Paint your Floor

With the use of paint and stencil, you’d be able to transform your old floor and even make it look like vinyl or linoleum floors at a cheaper cost! 

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Color-code Your Books

Display your love for books and make it look like a centerpiece by simply coloring-coding them. Seeing the shades gradually change from one color to another is simply relaxing to look at! 

Go Green

Why not show your love for nature inside your house? You wouldn’t just give your home a refreshing look, the plants would also filter out harmful toxins and help clean the air! 

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Work with Wallpapers

Wallpapers aren’t restricted to just be used in walls. Go ahead and add personality to your shelves by decorating its interior with cute patterned-wallpapers. 

Cover Your Old Furniture

Buying slipcovers for your old furniture such as sofa, tables, and chairs give it a new look and costs way less than buying a new one. 

‘Add’ Rooms to Your Home Using Curtains

Best for shared rooms and studio-type apartments, use curtains as separators for dividing rooms to add more function in it. It gives off a classy look and more privacy for you too! 

Create DIY Decors from Recycled Materials

There’s so many things you can build from recycled materials if you put your mind to it. 

Make vases out of plastic bottles and jute ropes, or coffee mug racks by using a few pieces of wood! 

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