Clothing gives as much of an impression as body language does. It pretty much shows your personality and tastes just with the type of layers you decided to put on. 

Your clothes could even have sentimental value in them. So I know it would be devastating to see it damaged or stained. 

Worry not. Here are clothing hacks you can do to have those clothes looking fresh and wearable for little to no expense! 

Unwanted odor? Try putting your jeans in the freezer 

Put your jeans in a zip lock and place it in your freezer overnight. The cold will kill the odor-causing bacteria without sacrificing the color of your denim. 

Vinegar works like magic

Surprise, surprise. Here’s a powerful clothing hack for you. Vinegar is an all-in-one tool that helps in removing lint, softening water, and even boosting laundry detergents. Adding ½ cup of white vinegar on your last rinse can do the trick.

A mixture of half vinegar and half water could also help in removing common stains. Spray it on the stained areas before washing to give an extra boost.

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Hairspray helps in removing lipstick stain

Generously spray on the lipstick stain and wait for a couple of minutes before washing it clean. 

Use nail polish to stop the runs 

Always seem to snag your tights or panty hose on those sharp edges? Dab some clear nail polish on the base of the run and you’d save it from running any further. 

Apply lemon for deo stains

No one wants to see a yellowish stain forming on the pits of white clothes. To remove these, generously spray some lemon juice on the stain before washing it with bleach. 

Drying it under the sun will help in removing the remaining stain, as it works as a natural bleach too. 

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No iron in hand? Plug that hair straightener

One of the clothing hacks that works best when you’re traveling. Just quickly run it on your collar or sleeve – done! 

Smelly shoes? Don’t throw it away! 

I know it would be embarrassing to have your shoes smell when asked to remove it in a social gathering. 

Try laying it out in the sun during the day to kill those odor-causing bacteria. If they’re washable, coat them in baking soda first then wash with detergent. 

Are your shoes a little too tight? Put it in the freezer

Put sealed water in your shoes and put them in your freezer to help it expand overnight. Sounds a little crazy? It doesn’t hurt to try! 

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White wine removes red wine

Accidentally spilling wine on yourself could be disastrous, especially if it’s during your most anticipated dinner date. White wine helps to remove red wine stains by neutralizing it. 

After removing most of the stain, you could lightly blot the rest using a mild detergent. 

Keep in mind these easy and cost-effective clothing hacks and you’ll always find a way to save your favorite clothing and look put-together too! 

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