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The thought of being able to earn money from working anywhere at any time you’d like is a dream come true. You are your own boss. There are no hassles of waking up early to prepare for work. No battling with people to reach your workplace on time during rush hour.

Indeed, freelancing has been popular because of these benefits compared to the 9-5 job. As these benefits are made known to people, freelancers have started to grow and have been growing continuously for years.

You might find yourself feeling wary of knowing this. With the large and growing freelance community, you may think there wouldn’t be enough jobs left online.

This isn’t the case, as clients, too have increased throughout the years. There are even hundreds of freelance job platforms scattered across the web that you can choose from as well.

In this article, I will help provide you entry-level jobs that do not usually require extensive training or education. They are jobs that are relatively easy and can be done even by students who just want to have some extra cash during breaks.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant could be dynamic. It’s up to you to decide what tasks you would like to do! Some of which are:

  1. Administrative Support – data entry, managing calendars, and scheduling appointments
  2. Customer Support – answering calls, processing orders, and moderating comments
  3. Social Media Management – posting on social media, moderating comments, and updating profiles
  4. Website Management – editing posts, moderating comments, updating broken links

These are just some of the tasks done by virtual assistants that are relatively easy to learn and do. By slowly gaining experience and skills, you’d be surprised at how much you’d be able to earn through doing these.

Website Designer

Don’t be intimidated seeing the word web design – it’s honestly simpler than you think. All you need to have is the observation skills to know which websites look good and bad and the creativity to build the design while making sure it functions the way your client wants.

This doesn’t necessarily involve using complex coding or programming. You can easily design a website by just using drag and drop builders. Add pictures and mix colors that suit well together. Experiment and test the user interface – you’re more than likely to build your very first website in no time!


With the growing number of people in the Philippines becoming technically proficient in modern technology, it’s no wonder how fast the e-market has grown within the country.

People have found it convenient to just shop using mobile phones, pay virtually, and just wait to arrive at their doorstep. With the increasing number of potential consumers but not enough to satisfy the demand, this is an opportunity for freelancers to try and sell your products online.

Don’t have any products? You can also try buying discounted products online and then selling them at a profit in your online store.

Graphic Designer

Just like a website designer, it isn’t necessarily important to have a degree related to graphic design to be able to do this job – what is important is a creative eye and the right strategy to attract people’s attention through your work if needed.

The tasks are usually creating digital posters, ads, printable sheets, designing Pinterest images and even making your own book cover.

Even though it isn’t necessarily needed, investing some time to learn more of the technicalities in graphic design is well worth it in the future.

Online Seller

Similar to E-commerce is becoming an online seller. But rather than reselling the discounted items and selling it at a profit online, you instead sell items found in your house that you deem no longer needed or will not be used but is still in good quality.

What am I referring to? Well, for example, are clothes that children have already grown up to and even toys that they’ve got tired of playing with. University books are also good to sell as students would always look for discounted ones when they want to save more from their allowance.

Some sites to post used items for sale is which is famous for this type of e-commerce. With this, you aren’t just able to earn money, you’d be able to declutter your home as well!

Search Engine Evaluator

Being a search engine evaluator needs 2 main skills: knowing how to use the internet plus knowing what is currently popular across the internet. This includes knowledge of current music hits, celebrity news, and trending movies or TV shows.

The usual task is to follow a set of keywords and evaluating it using a list of guidelines to be used which are provided by your client.

Several search engines such as Google still need to make sure they are providing relevant search results at a regular basis, which means you could find a lot of jobs for this position.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are one of the most popular and easy jobs for freelancers across the web. All you need is to be able to follow detailed instructions. Having the skill to type fast with accuracy will help you on this job as well.

The software most often used are Microsoft Office and G Suite. In addition, the usual tasks are typing words from pdf to word or to a spreadsheet.

As this is quite an easy job, you should expect that the rate is low compared to the other recommendations. There are indeed clients who offer a higher rate for jobs that needed to be finished ASAP, but competition may be high when trying to grab the job.


If you have enjoyed keeping notes regarding your daily, weekly or even monthly budget at home, then this job would be enjoyable for you.

You can either help other people or families by becoming a consultant and sharing your methods when it comes to wise budgeting. This may involve advertising your services through sites or social media platforms.

If you prefer providing your services to businesses instead, you can also opt to become a bookkeeper and help manage business finances for them.

Social Media Influencer

You may have thought of having a job that pays you for your interests. It is indeed possible and there are many jobs to choose from as a freelancer. One of which is becoming a Social Media Influencer.

The first step to becoming one is to determine a popular niche that you are passionate in and regularly posting about it. You could feature discounted clothes that are on trend or cheap and healthy food that’s still excellent in taste around Manila. There is a lot to choose from!

Then, if you’ve gathered enough followers, you may be able to get some sponsors that would ask you to feature their products or provide you with affiliate links. If your followers click on this link, you would be able to receive some commission without costs from them.

Product Tester

Several companies would want to have their products tested before releasing it to the market. To be a product tester, you may need to sign up to one or more of the product tester websites, answer some questions to determine which product is best for you to test, and then wait for recommendations to pop up.

You will then be tasked to test physical or digital products and answer a survey afterward. In addition, you can either get cash, gift checks or the product itself when you become a product tester.

As the waiting period for getting products to test could take long, it is best to join in a lot of different product testing sites or just use have this as a side job.

Freelance Writer

If you are passionate about writing and has a broad knowledge of different topics, then freelance writing could be the job for you!

From writing feature articles, technical reports or even writing a piece of literature, being a freelance writer has a lot to offer.

You’ll either be paid per article or per number of words, depending on the job. You’d be able to earn more by looking for direct clients in Facebook pages or groups and other social media sites than in job posting sites so it’s better to start looking from there.


There are a lot of online jobs you can choose from out there. Even without prior experience in freelancing, there will always be someone who’s willing to pay you for your services. All you need to do is be diligent enough to search and don’t be afraid of pitching clients.

Sure, the pay may start as small. You may get a lot of rejections. But sooner or later these small steps would lead you into getting your very first client. Who knows, this client would be someone you’d work with for the long term or would recommend you to other people he knows who may need your services.

Either way, we are given the advantage of technology and the internet to make is reach or dream of working freely at our own liking. All we need to do is grab the opportunity and just start working!

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