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I spend a lot of time holding my refrigerator door open looking for answers. Where the hell are the potatoes? Where did he put the butter? Oh, we’re already out of butter. (Wait, again?!)

Recently, I learned 10 fridge and freezer hacks that made a huge turn of events not only in my fridge’s life but also in my life as a whole! 

Below are 10 fridge and freezer hacks that will totally change the way you use your fridge! We also added some bonus hacks (why should you put batteries in the refrigerator?) to bring it to the next level!

Eat Me First Box

It’s hard to keep track of perishable items! Eat-me-first box is a smart way to make sure you are able to consume the food before they go bad!

I used an old ice cream container for my eat-me-first box. You can improvise or buy. It’s your choice!

Packing Your Freezer Full Isn’t A Bad Idea

I thought so too but apparently we’re wrong! A full freezer won’t kill your refrigerator. 

Actually, it’s even a good idea to have it packed with food. The more you have packed in there, the fewer air escapes, and the frozen food insulate itself more efficiently!

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Label Everything

If you decided to do hack number 2, I’m sure you’ll have a hard time identifying food in your freezer. 

I suggest that you label your freezer contents using a GREASE PEN! It’s a colored wax pen that doesn’t fade when exposed to ice and moisture!

Egg Carton as a Condiment Rack

Stash your bottles of mustard, ketchup, and other condiments in an empty egg carton- it will store your bottles upside down in an organized manner having its contents ready to pour. NO need for shaking and WAITING!

Use Binder Clips to Stack Bottles

Aren’t you satisfied yet with how you organized your bottles in the fridge? Bring it to the next level and get clever with binder clips!

Attach a pair of binder clips to the slats of your refrigerator shelf. It’s an easy and tidy way to stack them on one side. 

A Big Celebration Coming Up? Remove the Fridge Shelves!

UGH! It’s so messy packing up too much food in my fridge during a celeb. I hate it even more because the shelves are eating up space!

So, if I begin to run out of space in my freezer, I remove the shelves. Many of the shelves and drawers are removable, which opens up space for more dishes! Yay!

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Recycle Milk Boxes

Don’t throw them away immediately! You can use them as containers for your tiny veggies like peas, beans, and corn.

Also, milk boxes are a great alternative to plastic bags especially if you’re cutting back on plastic usage!

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Put Your Batteries in The Fridge!

Most people don’t know but batteries begin to discharge at room temperature. When you put them in the fridge, they can reduce their power loss by up to 90%.

My partner uses lots of batteries for his camera. I taught him this trick and now our fridge is full of batteries. What a downside, ha-ha! 

Clean Your Jeans in the Freezer

One of my favorite among the freezer hacks! If you want to make sure your jeans are clean without ruining its texture, freeze it! 

Simply fold your jeans inside a zip bag put it in the freezer. The freezer’s ultracold temperature will kill germs and make your jeans much fresher.

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Use Magazine Racks as Extra Shelves 

Plastic magazine racks are your best choice for this. Don’t use cardboard-based racks. The moist will eventually destroy it. 

You can put snacks, bottles, and other frozen food in it. 

Try some of these freezer hacks and let us know how it goes! Comment down your favorite freezer hack or share some of your own! I’d love to hear from you!

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