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Looking for some fun games to play at home? You’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of fun games to play at home.

Dots and Boxes

Pencil and paper games are very simple to play. Dots and Boxes is a two-player game that begins with an empty grid of dots.

Each player will take turns in adding a vertical or horizontal line between two un-joined adjacent dots. The player to complete the fourth line of a 1×1 box earns a point, as well as another turn.

To know who completed which, players will need to write their initials in the box. There’s no standard size for the “drawn” box. The size will depend on you. The game will end when there are no more lines to be placed. And the player with the most number of boxes wins.


Don’t worry if you’re not an artist. In fact, Pictionary is more fun if you cannot draw. This game is filled with laughter especially when your team cannot decipher what you are trying to draw!

Create your own Pictionary game with a whiteboard, and a few fun words to draw written on pieces of paper. Or, you can buy the actual Pictionary game.

Sticker Stalker

Sticker stalker involves some – you guessed it – STICKERS! This is a sneaky game where each player has some stickers. To play, you have to be stealthy and stick them on people without them noticing. The first person to use up all stickers win!


You won’t need anything fancy for this game. Get creative and use whatever is lying around the house to build all sorts of homes, castles, or forts.

Put a twist to the game and have everyone build a tower within a limited set of time. The player to build the highest tower wins!

Hot Potato

Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor. To start the game, turn on the music and have the players pass the “hot potato” around as fast as they can. This can be a bean bag or a small ball.

When the music stops, the player who has the hot potato is out. A player wins when he or she is the only one left.

The Celebrities Game

Think of any movie character and let the other players guess it. They can ask questions until a player has the right guess. You can provide clues or ideas if everyone is having a hard time guessing the right character.


This game is a favorite among kids . Play any music and ask the players to dance. When the music stops, they have to freeze in whatever position they are in.

If you want to make the game a bit more challenging, ask the players to freeze in specific poses including letters, shapes, yoga postures or animals.

Likes and Dislikes

Just like its name, Likes and Dislikes is all about having the players write down 5 their likes and 5 of their dislikes. Then, gather all the papers in a hat or any container. Read each paper aloud and have the players guess who wrote it.

This is a great game in getting to know friends and families even better.

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