Aging is inevitable. We will age no matter what we do. The good thing is as we age, life gets more meaningful and bigger. 

We cannot stop our body from aging but we can start some simple habit to look younger than our age.

Before we even start listing down habits on how to look younger, I would like you to know your inner motivation why you want to look younger. 

Some would do these habits for the sake of looking beautiful, some to impress and most to stay healthy. So take a minute of your time to figure out what motivates you. 

These are activities that we want to transform into habits. According to studies, a new activity hobby will take 7 weeks before you settle into it. 

They Have Skincare Routines

1. Wear sunscreen, cloudy or sunny

2. Use a gentle cleanser (No Alcohol Content)

3. Exfoliate ONCE a week

4. Pat some anti-aging serum

5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

If you want to know how to look younger, try not to follow skincare fads and trends. Each one of us has a specific routine to follow, just start listening to your skin. 

If you develop red patches after using a product, even if youtube says it’s effective, dump it! It is important to know what works and what’s safe for your skin.

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They Build Better Mental Health

1. Pick the meditation technique you like and go for it

2. Surround yourself with the people you like

3. Don’t stop learning

4. Be optimistic

5. Laugh

You thought the only way that could make you look younger are just the chemicals you put on your face. But no! Being mentally sound will make you look even more beautiful inside and out.

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They Eat Healthy to Look Young

1. Get your antioxidants from your food

2. Eat light snacks

3. Drink lots and lots of water

4. Don’t forget your Go, Grow, and Glow foods

5. Avoid eating processed foods

Eating healthy is one of the most effective ways (even more effective than your anti-aging serum) in looking younger. The food we eat is very powerful. 

Looking young is just a bonus when you eat healthy food. It will mainly help you stay fit and healthy. 

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They Establish Great Routines

1, Start brisk walking

2. Get a goodnight’s sleep

3. Be in touch with nature

4. Listen to music

5. Maintain your blood pressure

Slowly try and establish great routines and habits. Set reminders and make sure you do them. Creating a routine and establishing a good habit takes discipline and patience.

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Before you start all these hobbies, I encourage you to do a simple experiment to test whether your new hobbies really made you look younger. Take a picture of yourself on Day 0 and compare it to your picture on Day 49. 

Don’t feel down if this fails. Remember that results would vary from individual to individual. It may take a little longer for some to see the results but that is perfectly normal. Finally, when you feel like quitting, go back to the main reason why you even decided to do it.

Which how to look younger habit is your favorite?

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