What things do you do after you first wake up? Think about it.

Are you the kind of person who considers mornings as a hassle or are you the type who can easily get up early in the morning?

Regardless of which, there are certain morning habits that you’re probably not aware of which can ruin your productivity, performance and your day.

Having quality habits in the morning equates to a quality life and this is the same with bad morning habits which can equate to a bad life. It’s important to know what habits you should cultivate.

Developing an awesome morning routine is critical to your performance and productivity. With this said, it’s important to know these habits that you should avoid doing in the morning.

Checking your phone

Yup. Checking your phone upon waking up is something you should avoid. Specialists recommend that if you want to start your day right, try your best not to look at your phone until you’re done showering, dressed, had breakfast and have an alert mind.

When you check your phone after opening your eyes, chances are you might be setting your mind to a reactive mood. All those emails, notifications, interruptions, unexpected messages and so on are endless. These can distract you and lower your productivity all throughout the day.

Hitting the snooze button

But why? Hitting that snooze button can leave you feeling more exhausted if you’re battling your alarm on a daily basis. This can affect your quality of sleep and mess with your cells.

According to Mel Robbins, an author, and motivational speaker, hitting the snooze button kills around 4 hours of productivity!


When you hit the snooze button, your brain prepares for a new sleep cycle. By the time you’re woken up suddenly by your next alarm, you’re now feeling more groggy. This will leave you feeling tired all day long.

Eating sugar during breakfast

A lot of breakfast staples nowadays has a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. Think of cereal, muffins, and waffles. They may taste great but having sugar in the morning can result to sugar high.

Once the effect wears off, you’ll be feeling lethargic and tired. So instead of those cereals, opt for cottage cheese, eggs or meat that doesn’t have too much fat.

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Drinking black coffee

Did you know that drinking black coffee right after you wake up can increase your cortisol levels which can lead to anxiety. And if you’re drinking coffee when you’re hungry, it might lead to gastritis.

According to one study, the best time to drink coffee is three or four hours after waking up. So before you drink black coffee in the morning, be sure to drink it after you’ve had breakfast and a few hours after you’ve woken up.

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Having hot showers

Save those hot showers for the evenings. Compared to cold showers, hot showers have a relaxing effect and will reduce your heart rate.

To make sure that you get as much energy as you can in the mornings, cold showers are the way to go. Cooler showers stimulate your brain activity, make your immune systems work harder, and keeps you feeling refreshed.

Plus, cold showers can apparently help you lose up to 9 pounds a year!

So which of the bad morning habits are you doing? It’s about time to change that and create a better morning routine for yourself.

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