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When you’ve been wearing a certain hairstyle for a bit too long, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a hair rut. Sure, it’s easier to style and predictable. If you feel a little bored with your hairstyle, maybe it’s time to freshen your look with a new hairstyle?

Here’s a list of must-try hairstyles to make you look younger -10 years younger!

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Ask for a shoulder-length cut

Most celebrities love going for the flattering shoulder-length cut. It’s easy to customize and give you that face-framing look.

If you have thinning hair, a shoulder-length lob is perfect for you as it gives you that illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

Go for bangs

The right bangs can easily make you look younger! Bangs draw attention to your eyes and hide all the forehead lines.

Ask your stylist for soft and wispy bangs that blend with your hair for a youthful look.

Try a center part

The trick to doing a center part is not to make it exactly center. Aim to part a little bit off to the left or right. This way, your hair won’t look unnatural.

To avoid having flat hair, comb your hair back at a diagonal angle and let it fall down.

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Get a wavy bob

A wavy bob or any bob for that matter can give you that youthful look. A bob frames your face with its defined outline that sits just around the jawline.

A bob enhances your cheekbones and highlights your jawline giving you a youthful edge.

Go for a pixie cut

Want a shorter hairstyle? A pixie cut is perfect for that younger look. This attention-grabbing hairstyle is great if you have that confidence to rock it!

Don’t forget to add side-swept bangs with that look to frame your face perfectly! This chic hairstyle is easy to style, too.

These are only a few of the best hairstyles to make you look younger! Which one’s your favorite?

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