Losing weight can be a bummer when you have an insatiable appetite. 

But did you know that there are foods that you can indulge in that will make you feel full? 

Here are healthy snacks that fill you up.


Ah, the ever-humble banana, a delicious snack packed with fiber content that suppresses your appetite and keeps you away from the cookie jar. It also comes in its own packaging giving you no reason to have it alongside your packed lunch.


You know what they say about apples, they don’t just keep doctors away but they also keep the fat away as well. Research has proven that eating an apple before a meal reduces your intake by fifteen percent! Now talk about healthy snacks that fill you up.

Green Mangoes and Chili Powder

Now, having a non-ripened mango paired with the most trivial chili powder might just be the snack for you. The sweet yet sour taste helps you digest better and the chili gives your metabolism a much-needed boost.


Now, we know what’s on your mind. Popcorn can be a delicious snack paired with seasoning powders as well as butter and you might be thinking to yourself how can this help me in losing weight? 

Well, you start off by taking the butter and seasoning out of the equation. Then you are left with a plain, but fulfilling snack filled with fiber. You can drizzle the popcorn with olive oil. Add a healthy pinch of salt as well as chopped up herbs and spices to further better your weight loss adventure.


Let’s look at some of the most reliable weight loss snacks before you go crazy. Walnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds are packed to the brim with weight loss goodness! 

These help cultivate a healthy metabolism resulting in an easier and better weight loss transition. You can measure them out, mix them in a pack, and take it with you wherever you go.

Hard-boiled Eggs 

Hard-boiled eggs are a textbook snack of bodybuilders and people on a healthy diet. Aside from it being delicious, it also provides you with a little bit of protein that helps you all throughout the day. You can also prepare them ahead of time since hard-boiled eggs last 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

Yogurt and Berries

You might have noticed that yogurt is one of the most popular snacks for the female demographic. It’s a low cal high protein snack that when paired with honey and a choice berries provide a decadent and satisfying snack whenever wherever.


Jerky is a snack that has been gaining a bad rep nowadays. However, did you know that jerky is again a low cal high protein kind of snack? Not only that, but the constant chewing of this particular snack keeps your mouth preoccupied. It’s safe to say that it helps eliminate the thought of constantly eating as well. Now that is one of the healthy snacks that fill you up.

Which of the healthy snacks that fill you up listed above is your favorite? Did we miss anything?

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