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We all have productive days. These are days where our mind is focused, and when we are able to finish our tasks quickly and with less effort. 

Usually, what fuels these productive days is motivation. Now, motivation is indeed important in our lives. But it would be challenging to depend on it as motivation may come and go. 

A simple solution is to start by doing simple tasks that will help you to become productive and consistently apply it. This will later be part of your system – a habit. 

Here are some tips on how to be productive in life:

Make a To-do List

Creating a list is a simple way to organize tasks and thus increase productivity. However, when used improperly, we would find ourselves finishing way less than we have planned on the list. To prevent this, we must make sure that we create a reasonable to-do list. 

Having a reasonable to-do list could be made by balancing the easy and difficult tasks and distributing them throughout the day.

Doing so would enable you to take a break between the difficult/complex tasks but still be able to continue being productive by working on simple tasks.

For example, you could start your day by studying or working on a project then watering the plants or walking your pets afterwards. 

The best way to be productive is to not overwhelm yourself with a very long to-do list. Practice sorting the most important tasks needed to be finished by the end of the day and create an additional column for cases where you feel like doing more.

After all, seeing your to-do list all crossed out could give you a sense of satisfaction which would push you to do it again the next day. 

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Group Similar Tasks Together

This is a rather simple tip that works well with that of #1. By simply grouping similar tasks together, we can easily rearrange it in a way that would enable us to finish the tasks quickly and efficiently. 

For example, you could try sorting your to-do list between tasks needed to be done at home and outside. You could then sort the shops and places you needed to pass by depending on which ones are near to each other and the like.

This would help you be productive by consuming lesser time and energy from going back and forth between shops. 

Heck, you can even be productive just by listing the groceries you need to buy before leaving the house, making it easier to shop as you follow through a guide and giving you a lesser chance of forgetting anything that is needed to be bought. 

Identify Distractions and Work on It

Distraction is a huge roadblock on how to be productive. It takes away the time and energy that should’ve been used to finish a task. 

Try tracking your activities on a daily basis for a week and identify what are the top distractions that stop you in being productive. Distractions can either be tangible or intangible.

It can be your TV, your laptop and other possessions, the internet or outside noise. It can also be a person, like your family and friends. 

After listing them out, strategize on how you would remove or limit these distractions. You could either work around times when there is less noise or people and try putting on entertainment by the end of the day as a way of relaxation after a productive day. 

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Sometimes being productive becomes easier when things are clean and organized. 

Similar to distraction, the physical environment also affects your productivity. This isn’t just about the ventilation in the room. Your work area matters as well.

By just organizing your most used materials and equipment within reach from your table, you’d save less time rummaging through your cabinets. 

Moreover, having an organized work area would keep you focused on the job. Fewer distractions, greater efficiency! 

These are just some of the tips you can follow on how to be productive. There are different ways you could try around but remember not everything may work on everyone. It depends on different factors like your lifestyle and personality. 

Some would be productive waking up at 5 am and finishing tasks early while others prefer their time to be flexible, allowing more time to sleep during the day and working later at night. 

You don’t have to strictly follow them, just pick what is best for you and mold it according to your lifestyle. Small steps and these productivity tips would slowly become a habit which would then lead to more lasting changes. 

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