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I’ve never had any luck with getting my hair cut. Every time I ask for a certain hairstyle, I’d come out with a totally different hairstyle. It sucks and kinda frustrating.

After several hair cuts, I decided I wanted to cut my own hair when I was in high school. It’s pretty fun! If you want to give yourself a quick fix at home, you’re in the right place!

To start here are several tips when cutting hair at home:

  • Have a style in mind – Before you cut any hair, make sure you have a style in mind. It is important to do your research beforehand. Don’t wing it or you’ll end up with a hairstyle that you’ll regret.
  • Cut less than you think you need – It’s easy to cut more hair off but it’s impossible to add them back when they’ve already been cut. So be careful and cut slowly. Also, if you decide to cut your hair when it’s wet, know that it will be shorter once it dries.
  • Don’t rush – Take your time. Take breaks to check up on how you’re hair is looking.
  • Invest in a pair of razor-sharp styling shears – Before you start cutting, make sure you have your own pair of styling shears. Don’t think of using those kitchen scissors! Having your own styling shears will give you the best cut.
  • Stay natural – If you have curly or wavy strands, it’s best to snip when your hair is dry. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what your hair will look like once it’s done.
  • Use a towel – Always have a towel on the ground before you start cutting. Make sure all the hair will fall in one place! It makes cleaning up a breeze.
  • Ask for someone’s help – Cutting your hair in the mirror can be tricky. If possible, ask someone to help trim your hair evenly. If you have to cut your hair alone, use several mirrors so you can see other angles.
  • Avoid horizontal lines – Hold your scissors straight up and down the length of your hair and start snipping a little bit at a time especially when you’re working with bangs. By snipping vertically, you avoid cutting your hair too blunt.

How to Cut Curls

Got curly hair? This YouTube tutorial is perfect for you!

How to Cut Hair Straight

If you have straight hair, make sure it’s completely dry before starting. Make sure the crown area is laying the way you want it to. This video is a great way to cut your own hair straight.

How to Cut Long Layers

Check out how YouTuber Carli Bybel cuts graduated layers into super long locks.

You can also try cutting your own layers using a ponytail! Here’s a tried-and-true method for achieving those beautiful layers.

How to Trim Split Ends

Trimming split ends is pretty easy. All you need is a scissor and a comb. Here’s how.

How to Cut Shoulder-Length Hair

Learn how to cut a bob, a lob or a shoulder-length hair here:

You can also check out how YouTuber Safiya Nygaard tried following the above haircut tutorial.

How to Cut Bangs at Home

Just watching this YouTube tutorial makes me want to cut my own bangs. Hoho. (Maybe I should.)

Cutting hair at home can be easy. But if you’re having doubts, it’s best to opt for a professional cut.

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