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Nowadays, getting good sleep is almost a miracle. 

Nomatter how tired we are, our brain just wouldn’t stop bombarding us with so many questions and thoughts as soon as we lay on our beds. 

Falling fast asleep should be simple. If you struggle to sleep more often than not, here are life hacks you could try on how to fall asleep fast. 

Drink Chamomile Tea

If you want a drink that will help you on how to fall asleep fast, try drinking Chamomile tea before bed. 

Drinking Chamomile tea relaxes your nerves as it acts as a natural sedative even during earlier times.  It’s also one of the many drinks that can give you incredible skin!

Drink Milk

If you aren’t a tea person, a glass of warm milk or soy milk could work as well. 

Soy milk contains Tryptophan, an ingredient that relaxes your body even without medication. This would make you less tense after drinking it before bed. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

How does a healthy diet even help on how to fall asleep fast? 

It might sound too far when we’re targeting sleep, but eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat especially ones rich in magnesium and potassium actually helps in falling asleep much faster. 

Some types of meat such as turkey even contains Tryptophan which relaxes and makes you drowsy the same way drinking milk does. 

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Set a Bedtime

Set a bedtime for yourself and make it a habit to be in bed a few minutes before then. Sleeping within the same time range consistently will help with making you fall asleep fast. 

This also aids in keeping our circadian rhythm function normally – our body clock that regulates our feelings of sleepiness throughout the day. 

Make sure to sleep before 10 PM to get that much needed beauty rest! It also helps you wake up earlier and feel energized!

Take Magnesium for Better Sleep

If you struggle on how to fall asleep fast for nights, perhaps taking vitamins containing magnesium and potassium can help you. 

Magnesium doesn’t just help our body relax, it also helps in producing melatonin in our body which is one of key ingredients for treating people with insomnia. 

Turn Off Your Gadgets

Give yourself a break from your gadgets one hour before bedtime

In this way, you wouldn’t end up getting too engaged using it until late at night. Moreover, the lack of blue light emissions would help your brain relax better, giving you higher quality sleep. 

Dedicate Your Bed Only For Sleep

Refraining from doing any other activity on your bed aside from sleeping triggers your brain into thinking it’s time to sleep. 

Consider changing your bed sheets regularly to get maximum  comfort during sleep!

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Read a Book

Probably one of the most known methods on how to fall asleep fast is to read a book. Here are the best books to read in 2020 (so far)!

Get in your bed, lower down the lights, and pick a relaxing book of your choice. If you’re desperate enough to sleep, you could try one of your college history books – it definitely did work for me!

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