No matter how happy we are with your life right now, some negative thoughts would still pop-in our minds every now and then. Yes, it’s normal to have them. But it could start becoming a problem when we let it overwhelm us, affecting our work and how we treat others. 

When you feel like you’re slowly getting pulled into such a state, you could try some of these simple techniques on how to get rid of negative thoughts. 

Smile More

We probably heard this hundreds of times already: Laughter is the best medicine. Watch funny videos on YouTube, hang-out and laugh with friends, or remember a funny story. 

Honestly, even laughing by yourself watching your favorite comedy movie or series can be therapeutic and would help you on how to get rid of negative thoughts. 

Get Busy

Sometimes, distracting yourself is a good strategy on how to get rid of negative thoughts. Having these thoughts is normal, and if you keep your mind away from it, it will eventually disappear. 

Get your mind and body busy by working out or taking a walk outside. Or you could simply make your bed and organize your belongings. After you’ve done so, you’ve either forgotten about it or too tired to even think about it. 

Plus, you’d get this sense of satisfaction for being productive as well.

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Let it Out

Sometimes, the reason why we are having these negative thoughts is because of some underlying stress. Keeping it all in would eventually cloud your thinking. 

Try slowly letting it out using a manner that is effective for you. If you feel better after crying it out, try watching some drama to trigger it. You could also try writing it all down then tear it up and throw it afterwards. 

Moreover, venting it to someone close to you could also work. Who knows, you may not only solve your initial problem of how to get rid of negative thoughts, you may even be able to build up an action-plan after you share it with them.

However, make sure you set a time limit in doing this so you don’t overwhelm yourself. 

Change Your Environment

Sit back and give some thought on what often triggers your negative thoughts. Afterwards, get away from it. 

Take a walk in a neighboring park or have a staycation for a change in scenery. However, if you want a permanent tip on how to get rid of negative thoughts, try to check on areas in your life that could be a negative force. 

For example, your work could be giving you so much pressure and stress, even if you’re performing well in it. This non-stop worrying would then build up and may make you question your worth. 

If this happens often, you may consider talking to your manager or HR about it for some advice or worst case, changing your employer. 

Remember, everyone goes through some negative thoughts once in a while. Hopefully, you can find a technique that would work best on you when seeking how to get rid of negative thoughts.

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