I get it, we all do. Thigh fat is one of the things we get extremely conscious of.

It makes it difficult to even wear basic clothes. Skinny jeans take so much effort to put on. Shorts never seem to stop rolling up in between our thighs. Skirts, huh? Remember that horrible feeling of thighs sticking and rubbing together? (especially during summer!) 

We want that comfort, whether in the clothes we want to wear or in our overall figure. However, to achieve slimmer thighs, we need to work out our whole body. Spot-reducing thigh fat could be difficult – our body doesn’t know where it burns fat, afterall.

But worry not, pair these tips on how to get rid of thigh fat with regular exercise and you’ll get that toned thighs you’ve wanted! 

Start Your Day With a Cup of Coffee

Before starting on your morning workout, make yourself a cup of coffee first. Coffee gives you a boost in energy as well as in your metabolism, improving your body’s fat-burning ability even more while you work out. 

Do Thigh-Sculpting Exercises

Reducing stubborn thigh fat can be difficult. So if we finally achieved it, we’d definitely want to keep it that way longer, if not permanently. 

To do so, add thigh-sculpting exercises to your workout routine such as lunges and squats. Building muscle on your thighs, butt, and hamstrings would help in burning and preventing unwanted thigh fat. It would make your thighs look slimmer and toned too! 

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Eat Potassium-Rich Food

Potassium prevents salt retention in your body while flushing out extra fluids – reducing body bloat. It could be easily found in many of our healthy foods too. Some of which are bananas, spinach, roasted beef, salmon and white beans. 

Eating potassium-rich food makes you worry less about the water weight and focus more on fat-burning. 

Workout On An Incline

How to get rid of thigh fat? Spice up your exercise routine by working out on an incline.

May it be running on an inclined treadmill, climbing up and down the stairs, or bicycling uphill, you’d eventually find your thighs and calves burning. You’ll eventually get that thigh-fat out of your life in no time! 

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Drink Water

Drinking water also helps in flushing out water weight. Sounds weird, huh? It just so happens that our body tries to hold onto more water the less we drink. 

Drinking water helps in our general health and detoxifies our body. This would then flush excess salt and fluids, making us look less puffy or bloated. 

Never Skip Breakfast

If you think you’re doing good to yourself by skipping breakfast so you could eat more later, I have to tell you – you aren’t. Having a healthy breakfast starts up your metabolism for the day.

Opt for whole grains to help you feel full much longer. Moreover, they could be a good source of fiber, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants that are important to our daily nutrient needs. 

These are ways on how to get rid of thigh fat. Lose all the water weight first, partner it up with a healthy diet and regular exercise and you’ll get that toned thighs you’ve been wishing for! 

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