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You saw an article online on- zero waste on a budget- but you scrolled past it because at the back of your mind, you just don’t have the expendable income to pull it off, right?

There’s an assumption that going zero waste on a budget is expensive. Well, to a certain degree, it’s true. 

A zero-waste starter pack contains reusable canvas bags, multipurpose eating utensils, sustainable straws– and the list goes on and on and on. You can check this ultimate list of easy zero waste swaps for more!

Unfortunately, these items are being sold at a much higher price in the market compared to the regular disposable items we buy. Hmpf, why does capitalism make it harder for us to save the world?!

It’s fine! You don’t need all the money to do this! Let me show you 7 ways on how to go zero waste on a budget.

Grow your own food

If you can grow veggies or fruits in your own backyard, then great! It’s a huge money saver and its satisfying! 

Also, since you harvest and consume your produce at the peak of its ripeness, it would definitely taste better AND it offers greater nutrition than what you typically buy in the stores!

zero waste

Recycle your glass jars

Glass jars are essential in living a zero-waste life! You can store small veggies, nuts, sauces, even homemade beauty products!

I also store my overnight oats in my empty kimchi glass jar. It’s multi-purpose!

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Skincare DIY

I am a big fan of Korean skincare and anyone obsessed with Korean skincare knows that it is expensive as it is effective- plus, its packaging isn’t always eco-friendly. 

Since I have sworn on living a life on zero waste, I learned how to create my own skincare product! 

I used an empty glass jar, poured in drops of essential oils, aloe vera, and shea butter, and tada! -I now have my very own zero-waste-skincare DIY!

Reuse your plastic bags

We buy plastic bags from the supermarket now that our local government banned the use of plastics in grocery stores, restaurants, and other shops- and it is too dang expensive!

Reuse plastic bags at home to save! Simply rinse the bags and let them dry inside out. Or better yet switch to using reusable tote bags next time you go to the supermarket!

sustainable living

Buy less food

We usually buy more food than we can consume. Quit that habit! A zero waste on a budget lifestyle requires you to learn sustainable consumption. 

Use your resources wisely and don’t even think of buying something you’ll just end up throwing away!

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Go for homemade meals!

Not good at cooking? Learn it now! Cooking your own food helps you have a healthier lifestyle. Also, you’ll be able to avoid fast food packaging waste too!

I tried an Oreo No Bake recipe on YouTube and it turned out well! While baking my Oreo cake, I made sure to practice zero waste baking for lesser trash!

Buy Soon-to-Expire-Foods

Save a few bucks by buying foods that are soon to be taken to the trash. There’s usually a discount section at the supermarkets for soon-to-expire-foods. 

It’s an easy way of saving the environment and the economy from food waste- and well, it’s cheap!

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