Despite making all those goals and to-do lists, you still procrastinate and don’t follow through.

One day you feel that spark that gets you so motivated, you feel like you can do anything and accomplish anything. But the next day, you can’t seem to get that spark back.

How come?

Motivation comes in waves and you wanna know how to motivate yourself, here are 10 ways to do just that!

Plan for failure

That’s right! Plan for FAILURE.

You know, failure isn’t really a bad thing. What usually sets successful people apart from others is that they don’t get demotivated by failure. They seek out failure.


Because they know that on the other side is success.

Now, start taking advantage of that failure and plan for it. How?

Start by making a list of the things you need to accomplish your goal. Then, set everything up so you make it impossible to fail.

Take this, as an example. You want to form a daily exercise habit. You wake up early and plan to go running but decide not to after a few minutes. One thing you can do is to put your fitness clothes and running shoes beside your bed the night before so when you wake up, you put them on first thing. By this point in time, you’re at a state of “I might as well just go since I’m all dressed up for it”.

Promise yourself a reward

I do this all the time. To motivate myself, I write down all the tasks I have to do and include a reward if I can finish all of them.

Just thinking of the reward keeps me motivated to check all the things written on my to-do list. My rewards usually consist of cakes, spas, a snack or a weekend getaway.

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Go back to your “why”

Before starting a task, it’s best to write down your “why”.

“Why do you want to do this task?”

“Why should you finish this task?”

This way, when you feel unmotivated, go back to your “why” and you’ll soon find yourself motivated.

Practice gratitude

Upon waking up, the first things that probably come to your mind are the tasks you have to do that day. This can overwhelm you.

So before you get out of bed, start acknowledging what is good and write down all the things you’re grateful for. Doing this helps put you in a better mindset to tackle the day.

Take 5 seconds

You’ve got so many ideas that can most likely change your life but before you can even act on them, you stop yourself by thinking of hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t do it. This kills all the motivation you had.

The next time you get an awesome idea, take a deep breath, count from 1 to 5 and then act on it.

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Start looking back

Do you ever feel like you’re not successful enough? It just seems like your goal is ever-shifting. For every one step forward you take, your goal moves back. This can make it seem like you keep chasing a goal that you never reach.

This can be extremely demotivating.

To keep yourself motivated, start looking back at how far you’ve come and celebrate all your wins (both big and small). One great way to do this is by journaling and writing down all your accomplishments. This allows you to see your growth and constantly improve.

Stop caring about things that do not matter

Before you start your day, take a look at your task list and cross off anything that’s truly unnecessary for you to do. Stop wasting your time on things that wouldn’t matter in a few months or years.

If the task doesn’t help you in any way, it’s better to allocate your time to more important things.

Create vision boards

Vision boards are a great way to motivate yourself. Include photos of places you want to travel to or things you want to achieve. This can help motivate you to keep on track and make all your dreams a reality.

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Reduce distractions

It’s hard to stay focused and get motivated when you are distracted by a lot of things around you. What you can do is to remove any of those distractions.

If it’s your phone, keep it as far away from you as possible. If it’s the people in your house, shut the door to your workspace.

Play some music

Nothing can motivate me as fast as a piece of good energetic music. Play your favorite upbeat songs and find yourself start getting motivated.

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