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Productivity would be really hard to achieve especially if everything just makes you feel lazy. However, one of the main reasons that actually makes it really hard to get started is an unorganized workspace. 

It acts as a barrier to your goals and causes both stress and laziness that could even cost you time, money, and energy.

Want to know how to organize your stuff better? We have here 100 ways on how to be organized!

  1. Have a designated place for each and everything (“Mise En Place”) that you own so that you can easily know where to put it back. Plan the best place for it and keep it there.
  2. Practice putting things back where they belong as soon as you finish using it. Turning organizing as a habit is a successful method on how to organize. 
  3. Have a consistent sleeping schedule. Sleep and wake up at around the same time every day. 
  4. Practice sleeping and waking up early. Practice to be a morning person and have a relaxing time to prepare for the day instead of always running late. Use this time for yourself and focus on how to organize instead of using it on useless scrolling on social media late at night.
  5. Provide 5-10 minutes of your day every day just for decluttering and cleaning. Even a couple of minutes every day would definitely make a great difference.
  6. Write everything down instead of keeping each detail in your head. This would help you stop worrying about things you might forget. You would also be able to focus on things that you have to do.
  7. Always carry a notepad with you. Having one could always be handy any time of the day especially when your phone is out of reach.
  8. Have a calendar and update it with key dates and events so you would be always reminded and stay on schedule.
  9. Creating a daily schedule also helps you to manage your time better and clearly. Through this, you could see how your whole day worked out.
  10. Set up your phone so that you receive reminders for things you have to do. Do this especially if you think that you are the kind of person who usually holds his/her phone.
  11. Learn time management. Work ahead and do not procrastinate. Do not wait for your work to pile up.
  12. Practice being at least 10 minutes early for every appointment that you have.
  13. Turn off all the social media notifications as needed. This would help you see less of the unnecessary notices that most of the time attracts you, makes you curious, and then use the time you value to waste.
  14. Learn to unsubscribe and unfollow especially if you are not having any interaction with those online publications for months. You are not going to look for their contents anyway.
  15. Instantly delete or trash spam emails. These would help you minimize unnecessary clutter.
  16. Limit the use of social media and other social networking sites.
  17. Delete or deactivate accounts that are unused.
  18. Have a back-up copy of your important files and save it in a secured folder.
  19. Have a secured list for all of your passwords to avoid forgetting them while keeping your security and privacy.
  20. Delete unwanted photos and videos then sort them into folders.
  21. Have a budget plan or download an application for money management and stop relying on your credit card.
  22. Pay off all of your debts and try to not have one.
  23. Save funds for emergencies or unexpected occurrences.
  24. Have a container or a box by your entrance where you can keep all of your receipts. This would help you keep track of all your expenses and could even help you when the day comes like when you have to return an item.
  25. Learn to write a daily to-do list to have a clearer view of things that you have to finish right away or things that may take time. 
  26. Start a planner and write down all your responsibilities. Do not forget to make time for yourself so schedule some free time every day.
  27. Extra time. Do not take too lightly how a task would take to finish. Practice to always give yourself some extra time between your tasks or days to allow for unforeseen delays. 
  28. Set your calendar reminders before the date you need to remember for you to have a home for extra time to prepare for that event. Like for example, buy a gift for the birthday or buy the necessary items for the tasks you have to do.
  29. Follow and stick to your schedule. Learn to say no to the things that might get you off track and might interfere with your important schedule. 
  30. Start big projects early. Cut your big projects into small chunks to avoid being overwhelmed. You would also feel better by crossing out each of the small tasks after finishing it.
  31. Hang a whiteboard or a cork in your room or workplace to have a better view of your plans or inspirations.
  32. Have an updated and easy to see calendar on your home to keep track of your day.
  33. Have a clock on each room that you use the most to keep track of your time.
  34. Avoid procrastination and practice to finish tasks at the right time.
  35. Before you start your work, remove everything that might distract you
  36. Create a workspace where you can work without distractions. A workplace without distraction would definitely help you on how to organize. 
  37. Learn to clean up your workplace at the end of each day.
  38. Keep your tables or desks clear of unnecessary things that clutters the sight of the whole room. 
  39. Have a schedule for general cleaning.
  40. Share works and distribute chores with other members of the house to help you on how to organize and clean easily on a regular schedule. 
  41. Separate your own stuff with other members of the family and your own space for your things to avoid mixing it with them.
  42. Identify your clutter zones where the hotspots for mess and disorder always is. Clutter zones are very common for every house and apartment like the drawers, dining table, and the sink with dishes. You should always tackle these zones every day. You might also try to have a clutter basket or clutter boxes where you could put things temporarily then put away to have a fast clean-up in your place.
  43. Organize your drawer and remove dust and unnecessary items.
  44. Put things to places where it would be easier for you and where it would work best for you. Put the key hooks by the door, pots, and pans by the stove and drinking glasses by the water station.
  45. Hang your cleaning tools on the wall to make it easier for you to get it and bring it back without leaving it always falling on the floor.
  46. Throw away stuff that is already broken and are just taking space with no purpose.
  47. Whenever possible, do your regular work at around the same time and same place every day.
  48. Have a schedule for each type of cleaning that is the best for you. Washing the dishes for example could be done daily or every after meal, washing your clothes can be done weekly, and cleaning the windows could be done monthly.
  49. Make it a habit to wash your dishes after eating.
  50. Have a designated day for laundry every week.
  51. Have more extra bed sheets and pillowcases so you could easily change it regularly.
  52. Regularly wash your towels.
  53. Have a different trash bin and learn to segregate perishable, non-perishable, and those that you could still recycle and use for other things. Besides, you are at the same time saving the planet and Mother Nature.
  54. Regularly clean your fridge and use Tupperware to organize each food and perishables. Dispose of these at an amount of time before it gets expired. You could also put all the items with labels including the name, amount or size, expirations dates, etc. to help you keep track of what is inside your fridge.
  55. Instead of round containers, it is better to use the square or rectangle ones. This way, it would be easier to arrange and put it together without wasting space.
  56. Put similar things together for you to avoid wasting unnecessary effort trying to find the things you need.
  57. Labeling things could actually help you and make things easier and is actually the basics of how to organize. 
  58. Get rid of expired medicines and drugs.
  59. Have a list of what you have to buy and purchase only those that you really need.
  60. Do not overstock your supplies. You could definitely have an inventory of your cleaning and toiletry supplies or even your office supplies to avoid running out of it. But overstocking is also not good especially when it already takes all of your precious space that might already be getting on your way.
  61. Learn to let go of unnecessary items that are just clutter. 
  62. To have less clutter, try to throw out at least one thing that is old or things that you already don’t need. Do this every time you are going to buy something.
  63. Let go of the things that you don’t already use, especially clothes that already don’t fit and old jackets.
  64. Make it a habit to make your bed as soon as you jump out of it every morning.
  65. Visualize the kind of lifestyle you want to have. You could also find some inspirational videos of the ideal lifestyle on the internet. Once you already visualize your ideal home life, your mind would subconsciously want to have and follow this.
  66. Live healthily. Looking and feeling better would help you a lot to stay on your responsibilities and keep organized.
  67. Keep a gym bag that is organized and ready to go for you to be more encouraged and get yourself moving. Be more motivated to get rid of those unhealthy extra pounds and help you look and feel better. 
  68. Strive to eat healthy foods. Health is wealth and would help you live not just an organized life but of course a happier life.
  69. Create a meal plan for you to follow for a week. By having one, you are saving more time by having less stress in choosing what dish to have or having the ingredients.
  70. Have a plan for your dreams and goals for the future.
  71. Have a journal where you could write all of your thoughts and ideas to help and keep the best mindset on how to organize when needed. 
  72. Learn to practice minimalism. Minimalism is keeping only a limited number of belongings compared to buying everything that appeals to you even if it is not actually needed.
  73. Create your own bucket list and write all the activities you want to experience this weekend, months or so. You could also separate those activities that are short term from long term goals. This way, you would just easily grab a list of things you have been wanting to do instead of wasting time being bored and trying to figure out what cool things to do. You could even have a greater and more productive time.
  74. Create a wish list on Amazon or just write down the things you have been wanting to buy. When the time comes like a holiday or birthday, you can refer back to this list and have better ideas. You could also look back to this list when you want to treat yourself after an accomplishment.
  75. Develop a morning and night routine.
  76. Plan a self-care routine. Set a time for you on how to organize your thoughts, sort out your emotions, and relax.
  77. Download some helpful apps like “Fabulous: Self Care” and others to help you on how to organize and achieve your goals.
  78. There are also some apps that you could download to minimize the use of unnecessary applications to help you stay focused on the more important things you have to do.
  79. Try your best to spend money on experiences instead of material things that just add clutter to your home and to your life. Before buying something, think if it is necessary that it would make your life easier and better and if it would make you or someone happier for a long time.
  80. Choose friends wisely. Surround yourself with positive people and those who would help your life organized.
  81. Find the best way to organize your closet.
  82. Organize your closet according to type, color, and accessories. Arrange it in a way where you can easily get the things you want without disordering it.
  83. Buy the same design or matching hangers to keep your clothes in the same level and your closet to look and feel organized.
  84. Don’t have enough space to put your stuff inside the closet or cabinets? Show off your accessories, clothes, or shoes by turning into decorations. Color code your extra clothes for it to look appealing and hang them outside your closet or hang your scarves and hats.
  85. Plan and hang your tomorrow’s outfit the night before to avoid wasting time and clutter.
  86. Have a container with dividers for your makeup instead of makeup bags. This would help keep your makeup from getting broken and makeup tools from dirt.
  87. Besides your house, keep your car clean as well as places where you always take most of your time.
  88. Keep your shoe storage clean and organized to keep your favorite shoes in good condition.
  89. Learn to use boxes or baskets and have a designated place for different types of things and supplies you have.
  90. Clean and make space in your toolbox by removing all unnecessary items.
  91. Try and go wireless as you can so you won’t need to face tangled wires and cables that get in the way.
  92. Stop buying unnecessary things. Think twice before buying something to avoid piling things up at your place. 
  93. Learn to recycle and donate stuff you already don’t use like clothes, books, toys, etc.
  94. Use boxes, containers, or baskets to sort your things.
  95. Put similar items in the same place to avoid mixing things up that makes it harder for you to find what you need.
  96. Invest in furniture that provides you with extra storage.
  97. Learn and practice the “KonMari” method by Marie Kondo.
  98. Try to create your own type of organizing techniques. What is good for others might not be for you. Choose the best combination for you. Try and try until you find and eventually create and practice your own techniques.
  99. Learn to be kind to yourself.
  100. Don’t be too hard on yourself and accept the fact that you cannot be perfectly organized at all times.

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