There are a lot of ways to start losing weight fast.

However, most diet plans will leave you feeling more and more hungry and unsatisfied. These might be among the many reasons why you find it hard to stick to diets.

Now, if you’ve decided to want to start losing weight NOW, these easy and simple tips will help you reach your fitness goals. So you ready? Here’s how to start losing weight fast.

Don’t drink calories

One of the easiest ways to gain weight is by drinking soda, juices and sports drinks. And no, diet sodas are a NO NO.

Because of the artificial sweeteners in these drinks, you’ll activate the “reward pathways” which we activate when we eat sweet foods. But unlike desserts, these drinks don’t have calories so you’ll end up craving unhealthy foods just to turn off that switch.

So instead of drinking sodas, juices and sports drinks, only drink water.

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Cut back on carbs

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times but if you want to start losing weight, you better cut back on starches, sugars, and carbohydrates.

Doing this will help your hunger levels to go down so you’ll end up eating fewer calories. So instead of burning carbs, your body will be burning stored fat to produce energy.

But that’ not all, cutting back on carbs lowers your insulin levels which helps your kidneys shed excess water and sodium. This will reduce any unnecessary water weight and bloating.

Cook at home

Takeouts and dining out in restaurants is convenient but you’ll end up overindulging yourself just to get your money’s worth. And you don’t know whether or not the healthy choices in the menu are packed with preservatives or calories.

By cooking at home, you know what goes in your meal. You can also control your portion unlike eating out where you try to eat everything on your plate.

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Eat plenty of protein

When you want to start losing weight, you have to think of protein. Eating plenty can help you boost calorie expenditure by as much as 80-100 calories.

Protein also helps reduce your cravings. Say goodbye to late night snacks! Protein is sure to make you feel full.

Here are several sources of protein to know:

  • Eggs – whole eggs with yolk
  • Fish and seafood – trout, salmon and shrimp
  • Meat – pork, chicken, beef, and lamb
  • Plant-based protein – legumes, beans, and soy

Drink water before meals

According to one study, drinking water at least 30 minutes your meal can help increase weight loss by as much as 44%. Drinking water before your meal will help you feel fuller so you won’t be scarfing your food down.

Aside from that, water will wake up your taste buds and moisturize the stomach linings so any acidic or brittle food will not be uncomfortable.

And by simply drinking water before one meal per day will help you ingest 27,000 FEWER calories per year! That’s about eight pounds lost per year just by drinking water.

Before you start losing weight, remember to always be safe. Don’t fully restrict yourself or you’ll be doing more harm than good to your body.

If in doubt, best see a qualified nutritionist or doctor before starting.

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