We love our clothes so much that even my favorite highschool shirt is still with me. Yes, it no longer fits me but I just can’t let it go for some reason.

However, not letting go of our favorite worn-out clothes will overflow our closet. So today, I will teach you 8 ways on how to declutter clothes to thin out your closet.

How to Start

To declutter clothes, make sure you have some boxes labeled with give, upcycle, and donate.

Remember that you are decluttering so having labeled boxes next to you will help you avoid items and clothes getting scattered on the floor. It also saves you time in fixing. 


You have to visualize how you want your closet to look like after you declutter clothes. In this way, you will have an idea of how many items you have to keep and let go of.

A thinned out minimalist wardrobe is less stressful and easier to handle. So, carefully decide which stuff to let go.

Pair-less sock

Still hoping to reunite your pair-less sock to its match? Oh please if it has been months since you’ve last seen its pair, it’s time to move on now. 

If you have a dog like ours who steals socks and eats ‘em, I’m sorry but the dog has to go. Just kidding, I mean the socks have to go.

Stained, Ripped and Faded

Using stained, ripped and faded clothes doesn’t only add up to the clutter in your closet. It also puts you out of style. 

If it’s already stained, ripped, and faded beyond recognition throw it away or donate it!

Clothes that no longer fit?

What are you waiting for? Give the hand-me-downs to your younger sister or to a neighbor. Are you still waiting for your daughter to wear that?

Ill-fitting clothes will wear down your style and we don’t want that. Keep clothes that perfectly fits you and shows off your glamorous body.


We feel like we can keep on using our undergarment even for a decade because who cares. Girl that’s not only gross, it is also very unhygienic. 

Undergarments smell and wear out quickly so you have to assess which of your undergarments has to go. Throw out the ill-fitting bra, faded underwear, anything with loose garters.


Free up space on your jewelry storage by finally getting rid of broken accessories. Also, here’s a good fashion tip: When you buy accessories, look for pieces that compliment your accessory pile. 

Don’t just buy an accessory because it’s cute. Be smart and know what accessories will flatter your clothes and other accessories.

Do not throw unless it’s impossible to repair it

Have you tried discarding an old shirt and suddenly feeling regretful of throwing it? I’ve done that many times.

Only throw clothes as the last resort because someone can benefit from it, a friend or a sister. Or you might need it for future events like costume parties or whatnot.

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