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With the millions of plastics all around us, do you think it’s possible to use less plastic in this time and age? Definitely!

And I’m sharing with you tips and ways on how to use less plastic for a more sustainable life.

Use reusable shopping bags

Whenever you go shopping, buy produce or go to the grocery store, carry your own reusable shopping bags. This way, you can avoid those single-use plastic bags.

If you often forget your reusable bags, make sure to put one in your trunk, right by the door, and in your bag. This way, you’ll always have an extra that you can use.

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Carry your own reusable water bottles

Bottled waters may be convenient but these are made of plastic and can cost a lot when they add up. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality reusable water bottle. It helps you use less plastic and reduce your spending. It’s killing two birds with one stone!

Carry your own containers for leftovers and takeout foods

If you can’t help but eat outside, always be sure to bring your own containers. When you order takeout, ask the establishment to use your container. This way, you avoid using one of their disposable ones.

Avoid shrink-wrapped fruits and vegetables

When grocery shopping, try to avoid buying the fruits and vegetables wrapped in individual plastic. You can also look for local stores that sell fresh fruits and vegetables without the plastic wrap.

Quit using q-tips cotton swabs

Not only are these made from plastic, but they also cause the wax to go further into your ear canals instead of removing them. And though they help with your smudged eyeliner, they’re still unnecessary.

Invest in a quality travel mug for coffee and tea on the go

Love drinking coffee and tea? You can brew your own at home and use a travel mug to bring it to work or ask the cafe to fill your travel mug instead. Say no to plastic cups, paper cups or any of those disposables. Plus, most cafes charge less if you bring your own cup. More money saved! Cha-ching.

Avoid getting receipts, if possible

But receipts are made of paper, right? Yes and no. Most receipts nowadays are coated in a thin layer of plastic! Making these things unrecyclable. The horror!

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Choose refills over new products

Instead of buying a new product, opt for refills. This way, you avoid having to buy an entirely new plastic container or bottle. Try to look for ways on how you can refill the old one. However, some refills are still made of plastic. So what you can do is to try and compare how recyclable the packaging is between the new product and a refill before purchasing.

Reuse the plastics that you already have

Don’t let your current plastic possessions end up in the landfill. Try to reuse these as much as possible. As for plastic containers, you can reuse them for green purposes such as starting your very own fruit and vegetable garden right outside your balcony.

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