Long-distance relationships work the same as any other relationship. It’s just that your significant other could be hundreds of miles away from you.. or even thousands more. 

That doesn’t make it any worse though. Because in fact, long-distance relationships do work. But just like any other relationship, it requires time and effort. 

If you feel like you’re reaching a dead-end doing and talking about the same things over and over, try these cheap yet effective long distance relationship date ideas and keep the fire burning! 

Play Games Together

The internet has tremendously helped when it comes to long distance relationship date ideas. One of which is playing games together. 

There are a lot of games out there whether it’d be puzzle, RPG, FPS, or simulation games. I’d recommend a co-op game like Stardew Valley or even Monster Hunter if you have a decent PC. 

Take a Virtual Vacation

Distance doesn’t matter for couples who know how to think creatively. Find out what places both you and your SO would love to visit together. 

Screenshare one of your PCs and watch travel vlogs together. You can also play around using Google Maps for that virtual vacation to feel somewhat real! 

Be Crafty Together

This will be one of the fun long distance relationship date ideas for couples who love art. Whether it’d be painting, drawing, or recycling stuff into something awesome – you could do it together while on a video call! 

Otherwise, there are also apps you could use to create digital art together in real-time as if they’re just seated beside you. 

Create a Digital Photo Album

Collecting all your memories together in one photo album could help in feeling less lonely when your SO isn’t around. Pick your favorite photos together and talk about the memories you had from those pictures. 

You could also print them afterward and make a collage of your best photos together in one of the walls in your room!

Meet Each Other’s Family

If you’re dating for quite a while now, why not include meeting your SO’s family as one of your long distance relationship date ideas? This helps in making things more comfortable when finally meeting them in real life. 

You get to know more of your partner while building stronger bonds with his or her family too!

Sing Together

Wouldn’t it be fun and relaxing to hear your sweetheart serenade you? 

It doesn’t even matter if you both can’t sing, try singing a duet song that you both like and keep a record of it if possible. More memories to come back to every time you miss each other! 

Have a Meal Together

Probably one of the long distance relationship date ideas that I find very intimate is simply having meals together. 

You may be eating dinner while they’re just starting their day with a cup of coffee for breakfast but it honestly would feel like you’re in the same room even for a short period of time. 

Schedule a Fun and Spicy Game Night

Add a little competition on your relationship by adding a game night in your list of long distance relationship date ideas. 

Add some beer and some flirty fun consequences while being on a video call to spice the game night more!

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset Together

Distance shouldn’t stop you from doing romantic stuff together. Even watching the sunset or sunrise could be more beautiful when you’re talking with your favorite person. 

Sometimes having a huge time difference could work to your advantage too. You could even watch both the sunrise on their end and the sunset on your end or vise versa at the same time!

Now, how’s that for a long distance relationship date idea? 

Watch Movies Together

There are many applications right now where you could stream movies at the same time. Even Netflix has a feature specifically for it. 

You could also screen share your computer so you could virtually watch your favorite movies together. 

If not, hitting play at the same time could work as well!

Cook Each Other’s Favorite Meal

Get to know more by cooking each other’s favorite meal. 

You can even teach each other how to cook it properly through video calls and have a dinner date afterward!

Take Compatibility Tests Together

We don’t get to observe our partner all the time especially in real-life occurrences. 

Taking compatibility tests would help you know more about each other based on your answers. 

It would even help in improving your relationship by knowing ways to overcome a problem even before it happens. 

Set Up a Virtual Date

Long distance couples can have a romantic, romantic candlelit dinner too!

Just set-up a video call and put on makeup and one of your flaunting outfits. Now all you need is to order something similar together, pop a bottle of red wine and enjoy a fun night!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Get to know more of where your SO lives and have him visit places you find interesting from his city. 

He can do the same thing as well. By the time one of you visits, you can go there, take pictures, and make memories together!

Make a Pinterest Secret Shared Board

Make plans together by adding your favorite pins on a Secret Shared Board on Pinterest. 

Whether it be for your future wedding, a date, or even just items you could buy to pair up such as shoes or couple trinkets, spend time to pin and get planning!

Send your Scent

Sending each other a shirt with each other’s most used perfume can aid the loneliness from the distance.

This helps in making you remember how they smell like and giving you some comfort and relaxation as if they’re cuddled with you right now. 

Send Each Other Gifts

The more personal it gets, the better. It could be a photobook of your pictures together or an item that may not be valuable to others but means a lot in your relationship. 

Honestly, something that would remind them of you and make them smile is a good enough gift. 

You can schedule an unboxing night and open your gifts at the same time through video calls!

Remember, constant and open communication is important in an LDR. 

These long distance relationship date ideas should keep your bond stronger until the time you get to meet again!

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