Embracing the minimalist life is a way to live happily even with having less.

It doesn’t necessarily mean living with the utmost basic necessity. It’s actually subjective to how much you are willing to let go while making sure what’s left behind are the things that really make you happy. 

Here are some minimalist living tips you could start with for a happier, simpler you. 

Reduce your knick knacks

Donate or sell stuff you rarely use and keep the items that make you happy. You’ll be surprised at how much space you’d free up afterwards. 

Shift to paperless

This is one of the minimalist living tips that doesn’t just save you time and money, it would also contribute to the betterment of the environment. 

Unsubscribe to newsletters and magazines you never bothered to read, opt out to paper billing and shift to paying bills online. This will take you less time going through the mail and lessen the probability that a bill would get lost in it. 

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Clear up your closet

Toss away damaged clothes, then donate or sell the others that doesn’t fit or haven’t worn in a year. 

Decide how many clothes you actually need and only buy new ones when you have less. You’ll be able to save more cash or spend it on other necessities instead. 

Unsubscribe from emails

Our minimalist living tips also cover digital clutter. Checking on emails on a daily basis is also a time-consuming activity, especially when most of the emails we check aren’t even important. 

Unsubscribe from these types of emails, turn off sale notifications from your favorite online shops to prevent you from temptations on buying on impulse. 

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Be objective when shopping

‘I’m so stressed. I should buy something to make me feel better.’ 

‘I did a good job today. I should shop to reward myself.’ 

These are just one of the reasons why we suddenly go on a shopping spree, am I right? 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself once in a while. But it’s best to be objective and focus on buying what you need. Try making a ‘wants’ list for less impulsive shopping! 

how to organize a pantry

Focus on quality

You’ll never know how much you’ll save just by choosing a higher quality item over a cheaper item that you frequently have to replace. This could be home appliances or even simple kitchen items such as pots and bowls. 

Check on high customer ratings and positive comments before buying. It will always be a good investment especially if you use it frequently! 

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Let go of the bulk

Most of the items we purchase such as jewelries and DVDs come with their very own case or box. Even bulky appliance boxes are set aside only to take up unwanted space. 

Free up more space by clearing these unused boxes and transferring your items into an all in one case for DVDs and for jewelries. 

And the last and probably the best among our minimalist living tips:

Stop the guilt

We all have at least an item where a close friend or relative gave to us but we never, ever used. You shouldn’t feel guilty about donating or selling it. 

Afterall, wouldn’t it be better that it is used to the best of its ability than just be left untouched and to be disposed of in the future? 

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