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The world is a beautiful place. It’s filled with amazing activities suited for different kinds of people. Whether it’d be to improve yourself or rather for some good clean fun. 

Hobbies can come in different shapes and forms. Some of which can be lucrative, and can be used as a source for considerable income while others are there to just help you pass the time in a nice, fulfilling way.

Today we are going to look at some new hobbies to try at home.

Playing Music

Everybody has music in them. There are a lot of amazing instruments you can try and all of which is an amazing start. 

Music brings melody to your life. People who love singing tend to be more in tune with their surroundings and are often happier in their life. Somehow playing an instrument just melts away all the worries, stress, and insecurities. Falling in love with music as a whole can be overwhelming for a start, so we have compiled a list of instruments you can start with for the meantime.

Play the Kalimba

A kalimba is a small box with a few couple of pins that you pluck and press to produce sound. This cute and pleasing instrument is popular for people who travel since it’s small yet produces calming and dreamy sounds.

The kalimba can be a nice instrument to pick up if you plan a soft, conservative start to your relationship with the amazing world of music.

Play the Ukulele

The ukulele is a starter friendly instrument that produces stunning and upbeat sounds. It’s a great instrument that will surely lift the spirits of people around.

Unlike the guitar which has six strings, the ukulele starts with four so you can think of it as a stepping stone to becoming an amazing guitarist in the future.

Play the Harmonica

Although its days of popularity have since passed, harmonicas have been a staple instrument used by lone cowboys in movies of the west. This instrument the size of a pocket comb is a no brainer to bring along and is a great portable instrument that can set any tone.

Making Art


Painting might be a dangerous hobby because once you start and fall in love, there is no going back. Awakening your artistic side is a transition you will most likely enjoy, painting among all else stimulates the brain and breathes new life into a withering imagination. 

It’s a wonderful and exasperating feeling when you bring back that inner child in you. Just closing your eyes and creating a world never seen by anyone in the world. Start painting today and get yourself a paint set to start expressing yourself creatively.


Another taste of art is drawing. Molding characters and creating something from your imagination on a piece of paper can also be a credible and sensible hobby. 

We all came from times where we tried to draw our imaginary friends. Now with practice and a sharp pencil, you can create so much more!


Write a Book

You would be surprised at how much you have to offer to the world storywise. People have a lot to show and a lot to tell. People just do not have time to do it that often with reality closing in on them.

Well, if you have time to put your amazing imagination into a book, then please do. You’ll never know, maybe one day, in the future, your stories will be told through movies and passed down through generations.

It doesn’t have to be a saga or a novel filled with chapters to accommodate you for a year reading. You can start with a small tale about a rabbit. I’m pretty sure you would be as excited to know where your narrative talent and passion takes you.

If you don’t know where to start, this book on how to write a book might help you!

Write a Script

Now, what makes a script different from a book is that it has dialogues especially directed. Writing a script for a play is a refreshing feeling in comparison to writing a book.

You can bring out your witty comedic side as well as other sides towards preparing a play made to be acted. Learn how to write a script with this book: The Screenwriter’s Bible, 7th Edition, A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script.


Cooking is yet another avenue where you can exercise your skills and practice. It’s one of the new hobbies to try during these times! There are just way too many parts for you to start! Here are some subsections of cooking that you might enjoy learning and mastering.


Oh, goodness. Where should we begin with this culinary marvel? Well, for starters, BBQ is cooking with a grill and heat coming from the charcoal. It’s best when you enjoy the outdoors while you enjoy your food and some beer.

Creating your own recipes as well as trying out some from the internet is wonderful and satisfying to learn and to eat, of course. You can also check out this awesome book for more awesome barbecue recipes!


Baking is another worthwhile adventure if BBQ isn’t your style. In comparison to the rustic, animalistic nature of BBQ, baking is equal parts of precise measurements and a fine work of art.

There is a pretty big difference between regular cooking and baking because baking leaves very few spaces for errors. If you definitely enjoy math and your personality is heavily anchored on your left-side brain. Then, you will find baking calming and find solace in its many recipes.

Want to start baking but don’t know where to start? I highly recommend you to read the Beginner’s Baking Bible! It contains everything you need to know to start baking like a pro!


Regular cooking is in the grey area between baking and BBQ, it teaches you the fundamentals and touches both categories perfectly. The vast array of selections for ingredients allows for experimentation with a bit of logic mixed into it. 

Being a home-cook can be rewarding because while BBQ and baking sometimes are done seasonally, cooking is for every day. Putting a little bit of effort into learning while you continue to cook improves you and your dishes.

Try all the recipes in the book “Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat: A Cookbook” or experiment on making your own!

Playing Games

If you are looking for an amazing way to immerse yourself in stories told in an interactive way, then you might try playing games for your new hobbies to try.

Games have a lot to offer, at this point in time, it suits every taste possible. From a game with swords and magic to games where you are in space fighting different aliens and saving the earth, there are so many genres to pick and so many wholesome stories that would bring you to tears or leave you wondering months after you are through.

These are some of the many new hobbies to try at home today. Which one is your current hobby and which ones do you want to try?

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