Online shopping has already moved into becoming part of our normal daily lives. Aside from it being easier and customer-oriented, being able to view products and having said product sent directly to your doorstep is what makes online shopping so popular.

However, what people do not know is that these services cost extra. You can easily purchase an item at a cheaper price if you bought it from the closest mall.

Regardless, we cannot discredit the benefits of having the ability to go to a virtual mall at the luxury of your home. So instead of encouraging you to go to malls instead. We’re doing something better. We’re sharing ways on how you can save money when online shopping!


The online selling business is lucrative. This means that it is a very cutthroat world compared to malls. For this reason, a lot of these online shops send out discount coupons to maintain customers and keep their business going.

Disregarding these discounts might be a bad idea since these often range from 10% to 70%. Some will even apply to items you choose yourself! That is why our first tip for shopping online is to exploit every shopping coupon you come across with. Whether it be a 10% discount or 2%, each discount is cold hard cash that you can use for something else.

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The Online Shopping Cart

An online shopping cart is a cart that lets you stock up the items you wish to buy. This results in an orderly check out rather than typing in your credit card multiple times.

But there is another thing that you can do with an online shopping cart – create your own personal wish list. You can put things you want to buy here without purchasing them. This helps you keep them on your radar so you’ll know when there’s a discount for a particular item you want to buy.

This also serves as a request for retailers since they dislike unclosed deals and will try their best for you to purchase every item in that shopping cart. Be it a discount, or sending you a coupon.

You should keep in mind that you should have an account created in the website for this to work.

Shopping on a particular day

Did you know that there are particular dates in a year where you can purchase everything at the lowest price possible? Yes, there are times when Amazon offers heavy discounts multiple times a year. These are usually during their Prime Day Sale and Black Friday Sale! All it takes is strategic planning, a full shopping cart, and a handful of money.

There you have it. Three simple tips to help you save money when shopping online!

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