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Having to look through a cluttered and incredibly packed dresser is already a  nightmare – much worse if you’re rushing and about to be late. 

Moreover, your closet might even collapse because everything you stashed in it weighs too heavy than it could carry. 

If you’re having problems like this for a while now, maybe it’s time to check on your dressers and reorganize. To start with, here are some genius tips to organize dresser drawers. 

Declutter Your Dresser

If you haven’t emptied your dresser for a while now, do so. Make sure to put everything in one place – this means you have to do your laundry beforehand so nothing would be left out. Check out these laundry hacks to save time!

One-by-one, assess the clothes you have and categorize them between a) To use b) To dispose and c) To donate/sell. 

Just decluttering your dresser could help you free up a huge amount of space which would be meant for the clothes you actually used. 

Sort Your Clothes Into Different Categories

Whether it’d be according to use (work, gym, daily errands) or type (shirts, sweaters, shorts), organize clothes in a way that’s efficient for you. 

If you see that a pile of clothes you’ve sorted seems too large, you can sort it again into subcategories. 

Having it divided into groups makes it easier to look through clothes, making you a lot faster in picking your outfits. 

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Store Your Clothes In Their Best Storage Areas

Jackets, jeans, and other bulky clothing would work better stored on open closets with the use of hangers and hooks. 

This would give more space for smaller pieces such as t-shirts and sleepwear for dressers. 

Placing them in storage areas best suited for them makes better use of your closets and dressers. 

organize dresser drawers

Use Dividers for Undergarments

When bras, underwear, and socks get mixed up together, it becomes difficult to assess how much of each you have before you need to do the laundry. 

It’s even more frustrating if you have to remove everything just to find what you needed for the day. 

To organize dresser drawers for your undergarments, buy boxes with small divisions to put in your closets. Keep your undergarments separated by using different boxes. Or you can use these drawer dividers.

For ones you use rarely and on special occasions, it is best to store them separately as they would only become clutter among your daily pieces. 

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Rotate Your Wardrobe Seasonally

If you don’t have enough space in your closet to accommodate clothing for all the 4 seasons in a year, it’s best to store them for now and bring them out every start of the season. 

On the other hand, you can organize dresser drawers by placing the off-season clothes on the bottom part of the drawer/closet. This way the items you need are the first things you see and reach upon opening your drawer. 

dresser organization

Label Your Drawers

If you find difficulty remembering where you place your t-shirts from your workout clothes, perhaps it’s best to label them properly. 

This also helps in making sure everyone in the household could place back newly laundered clothes in the right place, especially in shared cabinets. 

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