Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out?

But what is burnout?

It’s a type of depression that’s mainly caused by overthinking and work. If you keep neglecting yourself, you’ll often experience extreme burnout.

One way to treat your burnout? Self care is the answer you’re looking for!

Here are several self care ideas to treat burnout.

Relax and allow yourself to do nothing

Take the time to relax and just do nothing. This means no cellphones allowed! Give yourself permission to rest and unwind.

If you’re feeling a lot of guilt because you’re being unproductive, don’t be. By making the time to do nothing, you’re making yourself better at getting things done. It’s a self care routine that you need to add.

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Doing nothing helps your brain take a break. Always making decisions throughout the day can wear you out. It also allows you to reconnect with yourself as well as breed creativity.

If you think doing nothing means just staring blankly at the wall, you’re wrong. It’s more on doing nothing useful or important and savoring the moment as you focus on simple things that bring you joy and relax you. This can be going for a walk, taking a nap, getting out in nature, taking a long bath, meditating or writing in a journal.

Sleep like you’ve never slept before

Nothing helps in getting your mind to shut down and turn off better than sleeping. Get ready for bed and rest. Turn off your alarms and recharge your batteries so you can be more productive.

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Practice yoga

Have you ever wanted to try yoga? Then, it’s probably your time to start practicing!

Experience that mind-body connection and regularly practice yoga for a better health. Make sure to balance your yin and your yang while you’re at it. There are tons of yoga apps and resources online that you can use to start.

Get a massage

Getting a massage can instantly boost your mood and energy. It’s one of the best self care ideas to treat burnout.

Schedule a massage when your body aches. Give your body the healing it needs to re-energize and recover.

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Exercise more often

Most often, burnout and stress go hand in hand. To reduce stress and treat burnout, physical exercise and deep breathing can help. These will relax you more and return you to your natural and healthy state.

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Stay hydrated

If you’re not hydrated enough, you might find yourself suffering from chronic dehydration which can affect your ability to think clearly.

Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake and ensure that you’re getting plenty of water, instead. Drink at least 2 liters a day.

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Set healthy boundaries

With deadlines and pressure, you might find yourself working your weekends and nights away. This can destroy your work-life balance and cause burnout faster than you can imagine.

Starting today, organize your calendar and set a certain number of hours for work. Beyond that, you shouldn’t be working. Let your coworkers know when you are off-limits and don’t let work seep into your off-hours or you’re bound to be stressed all week long.

By setting healthy boundaries, you’re increasing your quality of work, feel happier and more productive!

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