Tired? Having a bad day? That’s nothing a self care session can’t fix. Today, I’ve listed 135 cheap and free self care ideas to help you get through the day.

  1. Adult coloring books. 
  2. Allow yourself to fantasize and daydream.
  3. Bake your favorite desserts.
  4. Build something with Legos.
  5. Buy a fun treat when grocery shopping.
  6. Buy yourself your favorite flowers.
  7. Call someone you love.
  8. Catch up on your favorite blog.
  9. Clean your house to your favorite songs.
  10. Cook a new meal.
  11. Create a compliment jar for yourself.
  12. Create a list of your favorite inspirational quotes.
  13. Create a morning routine.
  14. Create a night routine.
  15. Create a vision board.
  16. Create your ideal future.
  17. Cuddle with your pet.
  18. Dance like nobody’s watching.
  19. Dance to your favorite upbeat song.
  20. Declutter.
  21. Declutter your wardrobe.
  22. Develop an energizing morning ritual​.
  23. Diffuse essential oils.
  24. Donate money to a charity of your choosing.
  25. Don’t take on more than you can handle.
  26. Do some gardening.
  27. Do something nice for someone in secret.
  28. Do something spontaneous.
  29. Do something you love.
  30. Do Yoga.
  31. Drink plenty of water.
  32. Eat your favorite comfort foods.
  33. Exercise.
  34. Explore a new city.
  35. Find a new hobby, or revisit an old one.
  36. Get a back massage.
  37. Get a body massage.
  38. Get a facial.
  39. Get a foot massage.
  40. Get a head massage.
  41. Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  42. Get some sunlight.
  43. Give yourself a break.
  44. Give yourself a facial.
  45. Give yourself a mani/pedi.
  46. Go for a drive and listen to your favorite songs.
  47. Go for a walk.
  48. Go on a solo date.
  49. Go on a spontaneous day or weekend trip.
  50. Go out to see a movie at your favorite theater, all by yourself.
  51. Go swim for fun.
  52. Go to bed early. 
  53. Go to the beach.
  54. Go wine tasting.
  55. Hangout with someone you love.
  56. Have a delicious smoothie.
  57. Have a jammies day.
  58. Have a picnic with family or friends.
  59. Have a staycation.
  60. Have breakfast in bed.
  61. Help someone in some way. 
  62. Hike in nature.
  63. Hire someone to clean your house.
  64. Host a family movie night over the weekend.
  65. Indulge in your favorite dessert/meal.
  66. Journal. 
  67. Learn a new board game you’ve never played.
  68. Learn a new skill.
  69. Learn the basics of a new language.
  70. Light your favorite candle.
  71. Listen to a motivational podcast.
  72. Listen to a podcast about a topic that interests you.
  73. Listen to relaxing music.
  74. Look at the stars.
  75. Make a bucket list and start completing it.
  76. Make a playlist of your favorite songs.
  77. Make sure to laugh.
  78. Make time for meditation in your day.
  79. Make your bed when you wake up.
  80. Meditate. 
  81. Open your blinds and windows.
  82. Organize your closet.
  83. Practice breathing techniques.
  84. Practice daily affirmations.
  85. Practice gratitude.
  86. Pray.
  87. Put on a homemade face mask.
  88. Read a book. 
  89. Read a magazine.
  90. Read some inspirational quotes.
  91. Rearrange all of your furniture in a way that makes you more comfortable. 
  92. Reflect on your accomplishments.
  93. Say no when you feel stressed out.
  94. Scream, pound pillows, tear up paper or shake your body to move the energy out.
  95. Sew, quilt, or crochet something. Engage your hands.
  96. Sing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song.
  97. Sleep in a little extra.
  98. Slow dance for 30 minutes.
  99. Step outside your comfort zone.
  100. Stop trying to people please.
  101. Stretch.
  102. Stroke a pet.
  103. Style your hair differently.
  104. Surround yourself with positive people.
  105. Take a bubble bath.
  106. Take a home spa.
  107. Take a nap without an alarm clock.
  108. Take a road trip with your siblings.
  109. Talk to a stranger at the bus stop.
  110. Tell someone near you what you appreciate or like about them.
  111. Tell yourself you’re beautiful.
  112. Try a DIY project.
  113. Try random acts of kindness.
  114. Try something new.
  115. Try something you are afraid of.
  116. Unplug from email and social media for an hour.
  117. Use aromatherapy.
  118. Visit or volunteer at your local animal rescue.
  119. Visit your favorite place.
  120. Wake up and get dressed.
  121. Walk on the beach.
  122. Walk the dog.
  123. Watch the clouds.
  124. Watch the sunrise.
  125. Watch the sunset.
  126. Watch your favorite movie.
  127. Watch your favorite tv show. 
  128. Wear a dress that makes you feel great.
  129. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
  130. Write a letter to your future self.
  131. Write a limerick or a haiku.
  132. Write out a list of things you are grateful for.
  133. Write out a list of things you love about yourself.
  134. Write out what’s on your mind.
  135. Write out your goals.

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