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You’ve been working for most of the time in the weekdays. It’s about time you you replenish your energy with a self-care Sunday.

It’s your reset button to feel more contented and ready to tackle another week. Self-care Sunday is your opportunity to take care of your emotional, mental, and physical health.

So sit back and relax. Here are self-care Sunday ideas to feel rejuvenated.

Prepare a healthy and energizing breakfast

Start your Sunday by preparing a healthy breakfast filled with nutrients. Make a pot of coffee, prepare a homemade meal, and just sit down in your pajamas while enjoying your food.

On your self-care Sunday, you have all the time to cook whatever you want to try. It can be a smoothie bowl, a stack of pancakes, a family recipe or some bread. It’s up to you!

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Extra Zzzz’s

Sleeping sacred. And on a self-care Sunday, allow your body to wake you up slowly. Catch up on those nights you slept late and get rid of that tiredness.

Sleep rejuvenates your skin, allows your body to digest nutrients and relaxes your adrenals. Every Sunday, don’t set any alarms and just let your body be. Allow it to rest and wake up calmly when you want to.

Make a mask you can eat

Create a face mask to help your skin glow. As a guide, only put stuff on your face that you would put in your mouth.


All the things we put in our face is absorbed into our blood stream. But unlike our digestive system, there are no barriers between your skin and your blood stream.

Here are several facial mask recipes to try:

Take a long bath

Bath times can feel refreshing and relaxed. Melt away all your worries and soak in a hot bath. Try Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt to soothe sore muscles, nourish your skin and relax your mind.

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Collect your thoughts in a journal

Journals are great for writing down your worries, thoughts, dreams, and goals. For a worry-free week, use your journal to calm your mind and prepare for the week ahead.

Dress to destress

Start your Sunday with a cozy and warm feeling by wearing something soft, smooth and comfortable.

Ditch your work clothes and just lounge around and be comfy! Lounge wear is the best for this. Prepare for your self-care Sundays by getting yourself some comfortable clothes you’ll love to wear for the whole day!


Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Whether it’s just five or twenty minutes, take the time to meditate on your self-care Sunday and clear the mind, let go of all negativity, and calm your mind.

Doing this helps you enhance self-awareness, control anxiety and lengthen your attention span.

Snuggle with a book

Love to read? Catch up with your readings. Snuggle in your comfy clothes and fuzzy blankets.

Check out these best books to read in 2020 (so far)!

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Weekly Planning

Don’t let your self-care Sunday end without planning for the week ahead.

Write down things your excited to do during the week ahead, your health goals, bills that need to be paid, groceries that need buying and coffee dates with friends.

Stay on top of your chores so you’ll have that productive week ahead.

Gratitude journal

Finally, sum up all the things you’re grateful for the past week no matter how small it is. This helps if you’re feeling pre-Monday blues. Writing down what you’re thankful for makes another week sound much more exciting.

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