As we grow and become goal-oriented adults, looking at self care tips must probably be the last thing that would come in our minds. Driven to continuously work on our aspirations and keeping up with our social life, we fail to check how our mental and emotional needs are. 

If you tend to put yourself last especially when there’s a lot of tasks needed to be done, you may be neglecting yourself. You may not feel it at first when you’re busy working hard and helping out in the family, but as you continue to put yourself at the end of the list, you’d eventually find yourself in your breaking point – lacking the motivation to do what you usually do. 

You might be already calculating how much these self care tips cost. Since we are talking about it now, let me tell you a few things. One, self care doesn’t need to be expensive and two, self-care isn’t being selfish. Even our gadgets and appliances need to rest in order to function efficiently; what more if it’s you? 

Here are some of the easy (and cheap!) self care tips to recharge your mental and emotional needs:

Move your body

Oftentimes moving your body could help loosen those tight muscles and give release endorphins especially if you’re enjoying the activity. 

It’s one of the best easy and cheap self care tips to try as it shoots two birds in one stone: it makes both your body and mind healthy and sharp. 

Depending on what’s most relaxing for you you could try:

  • Leisurely walking or jogging around the neighborhood or workplace 
  • Doing a few laps in a swimming pool
  • If you like to groove to the music, dancing counts as well!

Just breathe

These self care tips can be really cheap. In fact, this could be completely free! All you need to do is breathe. 

Most of the time we get too busy with everything in our lives that we fail to observe the simple yet amazing things surrounding us.

You could:

  • Sit on the front porch and just let time pass
  • Lay down on the grass and watch the clouds or twinkling stars
  • Practice breathing exercises through meditation and yoga

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Have some alone time and date yourself

Get away from your usual daily activities and do something for yourself for a day or two. Sometimes being alone helps you realign your focus and lower your stress level.

Try 3 or more of these self care tips to complete your day:

  • Don’t check your social media.
  • Get more of that much-needed sleep and cuddle with your pets.
  • Dress the way you want
  • Cook yourself a nice meal
  • Visit your favorite coffee shop. 
  • Go for a long ride going anywhere while listening to your favorite songs
  • Take a relaxing bubble bath matching with scented candles and calming music.
  • Go ahead and wear your most comfy PJs and binge-watch your most anticipated films
  • Sing your heart out
  • Have a manicure/pedicure 
  • Get a haircut 

Sounds really relaxing, doesn’t it? Try it! 


How is decluttering part of self care tips? It sounds like a chore isn’t it? 

Having a clean environment is self care. You wouldn’t want your pets and loved ones living in an unkempt place right? So you should think of yourself too. 

Once in a while, clean up your work area as well as your home. Discard unneeded items and organize what is left. You spend a lot of time in these areas that its state would actually reflect your inner stress level. 

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Say ‘no’ 

Sometimes just a two-letter word could make a big impact on our life. This is probably one of the best self care tips I could suggest. 

As we start walking in the world of adulting, we are often told to say ‘yes’, because you’ll never know when great opportunities will arise. However, if attending some social gatherings stress you out, don’t force yourself. 

Moreover, if always saying yes to people’s request limits you in giving yourself time to breathe, it’s time to step back and change that. Learn to balance productivity and relaxation so that you wouldn’t find yourself feeling overwhelmed. 

The list of self care tips is limitless. Your way of showing compassion to yourself may be different from everyone else’s, so you could always go ahead and make a list of your self care tips to do once in a while. 

Remember, it doesn’t have to be lavish. Even if it’s something you can do for a few minutes a day, if it makes you happy and relaxed, give that to yourself. You deserve it! 

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