If you think getting organized and having a neat home is a waste of time, prepare to be surprised. Neat people know that you don’t need to devote several hours to keep your living space less messy. All you need is to learn a few easy steps to incorporate into your daily habits and you’re sure to have an organized house.

Declutter your home with these simple easy ways to transform from messy to neat.

Give each item a home

If you find yourself losing things around the house, you might be the type of messy person who drops things where you’re standing. You have glasses on top of the refrigerator, clothes on the arms of couches and keys forgotten by the door, you might need to force yourself to give your items a home.

What does this mean? For each of your items, designated a place where they should go. When you take an item from its home, make sure you put them back exactly where you got them.

This is one of the most important habits of people with homes that are organized.

Take care of small tasks now

Procrastination can be the main cause of all the mess around the house. If a certain task only needs a few minutes to complete, make sure to do it right away.

List down the simple tasks that take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete and do these first thing in the morning. And when you come home, make it a habit to put your stuff away immediately.

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Reward yourself

If you want to stay organized, you can try giving yourself a reward. It speeds up the process and soon enough you’ll find yourself with a neat home.

While organizing or tidying, you can listen to your favorite podcast or to your favorite band. Tasks don’t have to be unplesant if you know how to pair it with something pleasurable.

Soon enough, you will find yourself looking forward to tidying up and organizing around the house.

Make your bed immediately after waking up

Doing this on a daily basis will make it a habit.

Right after waking up, make your room look neater and organized by making your bed immediately. Plus, it helps you stay tidy all throughout the day by tackling your bed first.

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Once a month, clean your refrigerator

If you’re messy, your refrigerator might be the same!

Fridges often get packed and cluttered with expired food that can be dangerous to our health. It’s important that you take the time to clean your refrigerator once a month. Use a mixture of 1 part water and 1 part vinegar to wipe.

Don’t let things pile up

If you hate cleaning, chances are you’ve got a lot of things piled up around the house. A small task is easy to do but if you let things pile up, it will be harder to deal with and a lot longer to do.

Before things pile up, try to tackle them as soon as you can. Take for example, laundry is an easy task to do when there’s only a few dirty clothes to wash. But if you let it turn into a mountain of dirty clothes, you’ll have a hard time to deal with it.

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