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Just like everyone else, celebrities also have that one piece of clothing that they love to wear again and again. When it comes to wardrobe essentials, let your favorite stars show you some fashionable items that they can’t live without.

So without further ado, here are the 8 stylish wardrobe essentials that you should have. Get some inspiration from your favorite celebrities at and rock on.

White Chanel Button-Up

Cara Delevingne has one of the best styles among celebrities, and one of her wardrobe essentials is the white Chanel button-up. If you love the classy look, this is just for you.

Use this button-up during the day if you’re going for that calm and chic look. But if you want to go partying at night, then better also to open up a few buttons and tada you’re good to go. With its demure look, this button-up is a must for every wardrobe.

Black Motorcycle Boots

If you’re going for that rocking outfit, Kendall Jenner’s black motorcycle boots are the way to go. Use this to add a bit of cool to your wardrobe. Whether you are wearing a dress, shorts or some jeans, these bad boys are great for pairing.

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Viparo Leather Jacket

Jourdan Dunn’s Viparo leather jacket is a must-have for all seasons. Look stylish in whatever you wear with a bit of that perfect leather jacket. You can also pair it with a dress or a shirt and voila you have a great combination.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Manoela Duarte’s Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal II is the definition of badass. Don’t forget to slap these on whenever you go out and look fashionable while you’re at it. Whether it’s day or night, you can be sure that your aviators will help you increase your cool factor.

MiH all-Purpose Denim

Miranda Kerr’s all-purpose denim is to die for. Who doesn’t love jeans especially when it’s a great pair?

Getting one or more that can accentuate your curves is like finding the perfect partner especially when you want to get the man of your dreams. You can use it during the day and at night. It’s every girl’s best friend.

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Whiteley Balmain Blazer

Whatever you’re wearing, a blazer can transform it all. Take it from Rosie Huntington. Be stylish by putting on a blazer on top of your t-shirt and jeans. Slay the day and look between a mix of casual and formal style. It’s a great outfit for a date, a job interview or a party.

EF Collection Simple Necklace

Nothing gives an outfit some personality with a piece of jewelry. Take cues from Jessica Alba with her simple necklace. Show a bit of your character and make it work with your favorite piece.

Max Mara Go-To Bag

Of course, every girl can’t leave the house without her trusted go-to bag. Emily Blunt’s Max Mara bag is one that has the size that’s big enough to store all your essentials. It helps to give your outfit a boost when you need it, especially when you’re out traveling around the world.

And that’s it for our stylish wardrobe essentials according to your favorite celebrities. Did we miss anything?

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