Thinking of starting an online business selling DIY crafts to make extra money?

If you love making crafts, then you’re sure to love it more when you can make extra money from it. If you have a passion for DIYing and creating things from scratch, why not start an online business selling your crafts?

Here are things to make and sell to make extra money to give you an idea of what to create.

Bath bombs and soaps

Everybody loves bath bombs and soaps. If you want to give bath bombs and soaps a try, you can find tons of tutorials online on how to create bath bombs and soaps from simple recipes to complicated ones.

You can easily create bath bombs and soaps using commercial molds. But make sure to keep your packaging and branding cute and pretty.


Who doesn’t like pillows? You can find a large market for pillows. In fact, a lot of people swap out their throw pillows to match the season and the holidays.

Take a look into this one. There’s an endless variety of designs for you to choose from. And if you love to sew, making pillows is sure to be up your alley.

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T-shirts are easy to sell especially when you know who your customers are. With a little bit of at-home-silk-screening, inventive dying, and artful cutting, you can make any design you want.


Home-made jewelry is very popular because of how unique each piece is from the other. One advantage of making and selling jewelry is how small and light it is. This makes it easy to pack to craft fairs and ship when selling online.

Plus, you have lots of materials to work with. You can choose from beads, crystal, leather, metal, stones, polymer clay and a lot more!


If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in making a craft, I’d recommend for you to try your hands on creating planters. These are super cute and easy to make. You won’t even need a lot of supplies to create one.

You can paint a lot of planters in under an hour. This craft idea is easy to make and won’t require a lot of time so making and selling planters is totally doable even if you’re busy.

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Flower headbands

Flower crowns and headbands are very trendy nowadays and I think it will be for a very long time.

Flower headbands are a great craft idea to sell if you love working with flowers. You won’t need a lot of materials to work with and there are tons of online tutorials on how to make one!

Tote bags

With more and more people becoming environmentally friendly, tote bags are one of the best things to make and sell nowadays. You’re even helping mother Earth by replacing plastic bags. And here’s a bonus! You can put your designs on each bag!

These are only a few of the many other things to make and sell online. Try your hands on making a few of these and who knows? It might turn into your full-time job!

Start a craft business today and make your passion your job.

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