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Hit your financial goals this year.

Start by knowing the things that you should stop buying to save money.

Take Away Coffee

Sure. Your daily coffee fix from that cute cafe on your way to work might not look like a lot of money spent but hear me out. Take away coffee over time can really add up!

You might not know it but you could have saved hundreds of dollars by simply brewing your own coffee at home. Get yourself a french press (I recommend this one) and take your coffee with you using a cute travel mug. I’m in love with mine and have never forgotten to bring it to work with me.

Drink coffee. Check. Save money. Check!

Manicures and Pedicures

I love getting manicures and pedicures. But getting one every other week or so really adds up so I thought why don’t I give myself one instead? And it was one of the best decisions ever!

I did a home spa treatment and painted my own nails, too. Another thing you could do is let a friend do them for you and vice versa. It’ll save you a ton of money and you get to learn new skills.

If you want to give it a try, start by getting yourself the right tools:

Hardcopy Books

If you’re like me and you love reading books, it’s about time you consider purchasing digital copies instead of the hard copies. They’re less expensive and you get to help save the earth.

I love reading my favorite books on my Amazon Kindle. It’s quite thin and lightweight so you can easily bring it when you travel. Plus, it’s waterproof!

Unused Memberships/Subscriptions

It’s easy to join and pay for memberships and subscriptions in today’s digital age. However, you might not know it but all those memberships and subscriptions that you rarely use are putting a dent in your bank account every month.

Start checking your subscriptions or memberships and cancel those that you rarely use.

Scratch Tickets

Sure the thought of winning big makes you want to keep buying those scratch tickets. But the reality is, you’re only spending money that you should have been saving!

Paying for the Brand Name

While it can be true that higher-priced brand-named items have better quality than generic items, it can also be true that generic products and their brand-named counterparts are identical. So the next time you go out to buy, be sure to read the labels.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is not environmentally friendly and can add up especially if you keep buying it on a daily basis. Get yourself a reusable water bottle like Embrava and save more money.


Sure, they’re cute and all but you don’t need those! They’re just collecting dust on the shelves. Calculate how much you would have saved by not buying trinkets all the time.

Fast Food

Sure, eating out can be cheaper than eating at home sometimes. But for the most part, buying fast food can add up. Save yourself some money and plan your weekly meals. Prep some of your meals and tadaaa you have food to eat when you feel lazy to cook.

Paper Towels

Yup. Paper towels are a big waste of money. Why not use rags or pieces of cloth to do the job of cleaning messy spills, counters, and mirrors? You’ll save a lot more money this way.

Sale Items

Unless you really need them, sale items are a waste of money. Before you buy something, think twice or thrice and ask yourself if you really need it. If not, slowly put that item down and walk away.


If you have internet, then chances are you rarely use cable. Turn it off now. It’s cheaper to subscribe to Hulu or Amazon Firestick.

Greeting Cards

Instead of buying greeting cards, why not make your own? Or send a digital one. Greeting cards are quite expensive nowadays and if you’re not careful, you’re just wasting money.

Makeup and Beauty Products

I don’t mean to say you should stop buying makeup and beauty products but overbuying can be a problem. Stop buying so many expensive products and only stick to the few ones you really love. If not, find affordable alternatives. After all, being expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best there is.

Travel-sized Products

Travel-sized products are convenient but these things can cost so much for only a small product. Don’t settle for those travel-sized products and get yourself some reusable travel bottles instead.

Plastic Baggies

Can’t live without plastic baggies? Why not switch those out for reusable baggies? They are inexpensive, as well as easy to wash and reuse! Just one of the reusable baggies can equal to a thousand plastic baggies.

Unnecessary Groceries

Start planning your meals and create a grocery list. This way, you don’t buy unnecessary groceries. Oh, and don’t go to the grocery when you’re hungry. You’ll end up buying things you don’t need.

New Clothes

Before you go to buy any new clothes, think of less expensive thrift items. You can find a lot of awesome clothes from thrift shops. Most of which even have their tags on. It’s also more eco-friendly!

Apps & In-App Purchases

Today, take some time to review your app subscriptions. Check those that you rarely use and those with high in-app purchases. Set a limit to how much money you can spend on apps and stick to that.

Movie Tickets

Watching movies at the cinemas is a great luxury. And compared to Redbox, movie tickets are not that cheap.

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