The perfectly folded clothes, the empty garbage and laundry bins, the organized bookshelf. These are just some of the things that makes me feel so accomplished on my rest day. So when I heard about Marie Kondo Organizational Tips, it just blew my mind. 

Today we are going to talk about genius tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Are you living with a person who owns a lot of stuff and can’t just find a way to keep it? This is going to be perfect for you.

Set up a daily housekeeping routine

It’s good to start your morning with a plan on how you’re gonna clean your house. From making your bed, to opening up the window, and putting things back to where they belong, they are all important in keeping an organized home. 

Prepare for bed each night

We like cleaning in the morning but we hate tidying up at night. It’s important to place everything in order at night to lessen the next day’s cleaning tasks.

Keep what you need

Let go of your hoarding attitude and just keep what you really need. It will save you lots of spaces.

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Know that things are feelings

Marie Kondo said, “ things are feelings” thus we have to respect them. Start fixing scattered clothes and objects on the floor. Fix the slipping clothes in your cabinet. They might start talking if you just ignore them.

Try the art of folding

Marie Kondo recommends you to stack your clothes vertically in your closet after you fold them. Doing this will save you more space being able to fit 20 clothes in a space you normally fit for 40 clothes.

Practice symmetry 

One requirement in tidying up with Marie Kondo is sorting items with like items. It is not just easy to look at, but it’s also easier to find.

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Shred the papers

Opt for soft copies of your favorite “papers”. It’s easier to sort files than organize a filing cabinet. Don’t wait for your rats to shred the papers for you.

Detoxify your home

Marie Kondo says, the only reason why we buy extra storage is because we have too much stuff. Let your house breath and give away the things that you don’t really need. It will save you from having to buy another storage for unused items.

Put it back to where it belongs

Start putting things back to where they belong after you use them. I know this could be a challenge especially when you’re in a rush but think about the time you’re gonna spend reorganizing and fixing those stuff. It will just take you a few seconds.

Store everything in upright position

Another clever tip from Marie Kondo is storing your stuff upright. She argues, it’s cleaner to look at and you can easily spot something you need when you need it. 

Today, you learned 10 wonderful tips on tidying up with Marie Kondo. If you have done some of it, you’re off to a good start. Keep practicing and be an expert in organizing like Marie Kondo!

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