You’ve mastered the Selfie now master ‘Thy Self’ – Unknown Author

First hour of your day, you open your Facebook, see bad news, react negatively, share it to someone else and let it affect your whole freakin’ day. We process 34 gigabytes or 100,000 words per day.

So, don’t wonder why it feels so overwhelming just trying to figure out what time you can finally have a good meditation. 

Unfortunately, meditation doesn’t work for everybody. Not everybody has the time to do so and even if they did have the time, they’d rather finish the work piled up on top of their desks.

We found you some real effective ways to calm your mind without meditating.

Altruism and Connectedness

We have a common identity with people. This allows us to feel better about ourselves when we help others. Apparently, helping does make you feel more positive and calmer. 

So why don’t you give it a try, start helping someone today!


We feel better when we express ourselves through music, writing, conversing or even through eating. This is what you call catharsis. 

Try keeping a journal, sing while taking a shower or grab a coloring book! Who wouldn’t enjoy doing something they like and at the same time feeling relieved!

Raise the White Flag

Feeling the peace from within starts when you calm your mind. This means raising the white flag. Give up fighting your negative thoughts. Keep in mind that these negative thoughts won’t necessarily come true. Keep a healthy mind!

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Me, Myself and I

Because of the thousands of works to be done, we often forget to enjoy life. We stopped enjoying our coffee, we started quitting our hobbies. 

We started putting rings on our jobs! Keep calm buddy! Live YOUR life.

Eat slowly, drink your tea with peace, watch your favorite shows and strum that guitar again. 

Challenge Yourself

We want you to calm your mind but we also want to challenge you.

Did you know that actually facing a stressful situation and resolving it could contribute to a calmer mind? Of course it does! That’s a real sense of accomplishment. 

But keep in mind that calming your mind doesn’t mean running away from your responsibilities. Sadly, avoidance will bring you more stress.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Did your mom tell you to drink lots of water, sleep in the afternoon, and eat your greens? She just gave you some secrets to a happy life! It’s a secret everybody knows yet a few do.

If you have a healthy body, you sure will have a healthy mind. 

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Socializing is a crucial part of a person’s life. Socializing is what nurtures us to who we are. 

Research shows that isolation affects a person’s mental state negatively. Apparently, John Donne was right when he said, “No man is an island”.

Why don’t you start smiling at a stranger? Or call your brother and talk about your childhood. Just do something to belong again.

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