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We thought that we only have to buy and wear expensive and trendy clothes to look “fashionable”. We have an expensive mindset that tells us that we need to buy that same wardrobe we saw on The New York Fashion Week to be regarded as ‘classy’.

But to keep up with that kind of lifestyle you’d have to give up basically anything you need to survive.

Don’t panic just yet. Here I have listed several ways on how to look expensive without spending a penny.

Alter, Add, and Cut

Some expensive clothes will look cheap and dull simply because it doesn’t fit right off the rack. By doing some simple touch ups to fit your figure and style you will certainly nail your OOTDs.

You can also alter basic plain buttons in favor of metal, pearl, or bone buttons for a richer looking outfit.

If you are confident that you can pull off simple alterations to your clothes then go for it. If hesitant, don’t be distressed about it because you can also do some pairing and highlighting.

Pairing your wardrobe with accessories, bags and complementary colors will help you get that expensive look you’ve always aimed for.

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Keep it Simple

Trends change from time to time and it’s very hard to keep up with it. We still have that wrong notion that we need to buy trendy clothes to look expensive despite the fact that all we really need to do is play it simple.

These are our top 5 wardrobe essentials on how to look expensive to help you keep up with the trend with simplicity.

  1.  A little black dress
  2. A pair of dark washed denim
  3. A pair of black pumps
  4. Black T-shirt
  5. Statement Trench Coats

Just a simple tip: Go ahead and buy that expensive statement piece you saw on the Guess website but save on the basic pieces and timeless classics like your black leather pumps.

Stop Destroying Your Clothes

One way you can destroy your $800 jeans from Gucci is to wash it every day. Washing clothes too often wears down the fabrics and fades its colors thus making them look old and cheap.

That’s the last thing you want to happen especially if you really invested so much in it.

Here’s a simple lifehack to save your clothes! If your clothes start to smell, stick it in the freezer overnight. Yes! Trust me, it works!

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Monochromatic Color Scheme

They say you can never go wrong with black. Black is classy, simple and just works anytime, anywhere. Some of the most influential fashion icons even admitted that when laziness hits them, they simply wear something black.

When going monochromatic from head to toe tho, try breaking it up by mixing textures such as silk, denim, cotton, or leather.

If you don’t like looking like you’re in a uniform when wearing black, it is also ideal to put dainty details (eye-catching shoes, accessories) to it for a touch of elegance and glamour.

Doll up

Imagine you are wearing real expensive designer clothes and shoes but you look tired and dull. Makeup and fashion goes hand in hand. Sometimes the palette that you’re going to wear even has to complement your clothes. 

You can try trendy combinations such as Silver and White, Earth tones, Cool Blues and White and Gold. Try experimenting what works best based on your skin tone too for a more flattering overall look.

Which of the tips above on how to look expensive did you like the most? Comment down below!

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