Negativity is all around us and if you’re not careful, it can attach itself to you. Negativity brings nothing more than toxicity in your life.

It’s important to remove negative energy from your life. Here are several ways to remove negativity from your life for good.


There’s a reason why you feel great after cleaning. With clutter surrounding you, you’ll feel more irritable. It overloads your brain and causes you to be anxious and stressed out.

Restore order back into your life by organizing your belongings and getting rid of clutter. Remove those unnecessary items and clear up your home and office.


Meditation has a profound healing effect on your mind. It helps restore your entire system for positivity and balance. When you’re feeling stressed, meditation can release muscle tension, lower blood pressure and minimize stress hormones.

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Take a long bath

Renourish your spirit with a relaxing bath. It’s one great way to purify the aura of any negative energy. To help you calm the mind, body and spirit, don’t forget to add in some essential oils. Lavender, cedarwood and eucalyptus can do wonders!

Surround yourself with positive people

Remove negative people from your life. Clean up your relationships. When you keep negative people in your life, you’re absorbing negative energy from them.

Toxic relationships drain your emotional and physical energy, harness constant criticism and negativity, and often make you feel co-dependence tendencies

Believe that something positive is going to happen

When it comes to the law of attraction, what you believe is what you attract. Combat negative energy in life by becoming an optimist.

While being optimistic, push yourself to take action and do bigger things. You will have a better chance of harnessing positive energy.

Nothing will happen if you only idle around without a plan, and feeling negative about your life and yourself.

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Get out into nature

One of the best tools to removing negative energy is nature therapy. The purity of nature can “reboot your systems” and help uninstall negativity from your life.

It’s hard for negative energy to thrive in your awareness when you’re embracing the beauty of the mountain ranges, or the ocean.

Smile often

Smiling is very contagious. When you smile, a unique cocktail of neuropeptides are released. These fight off stress, lift your mood and lower blood pressure.

When you smile, you’re shifting your mood away from the negative.

Get plants

Plants are not only for decorating your home or office. Plants can also clear up certain regions of negative energy lingering in your home.

Enhance the positive vibrations in your space with plants. But that’s not all, plants also enhance the sense of well-being, purify the air and relieve you from stress.

Move your body

When you’re being lethargic and idle, negative energy is more likely to attach itself to you. One way to break free is to move your body. You can go for a run, brisk walk or do yoga. Purge negativity from yourself by vigorously moving your body.

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