I bet you said you’d go to the gym more this year and lose weight.

But you haven’t been able to check those two tasks off your list. It just seems you’re always feeling lazy or too busy just like me!

Well, fellow lazy girls, I’ve got here a compiled list of easy peasy weight loss hacks to try.

Laugh more

Yes! Laughing can help you lose weight.

A belly laugh may help you increase your basal metabolic rate by as much as 10 to 20 percent according to one study published by the International Journal of Obesity.

So by simply watching a comedy show and laughing for around ten minutes, that’s 170 calories burned! Not bad, eh?

Choose meal companions carefully

Okay. This is one easy hack. According to research, your food choices are highly affected by the behavior of people around you when you eat. So choose healthy food buddies!

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Use smaller plates and bowls

Among the easiest ways to tricking yourself is to use smaller plates and bowls. Even if you put a small amount of food in your small plate, your mind will think that you’re eating a large portion.

Smaller plates and bowls will make your mind think that you’re already full. It can help you avoid overeating, as well as, filling your plate with large servings of food.

Avoid packaged and fast foods

Most, if not all packaged foods contain a lot of calories. This is one of the main causes of obesity. Plus, it’s so convenient.

Now that you know, pack your lunch instead of stopping by McDonald’s! It’s a win-win situation. You get to save more money and you lose some weight.

Drink lemon water

Losing weight has never been as easy as adding lemon to your water.

Lemon water is known to boost metabolism, support hydration, and increase weight loss. However, when it comes to losing fat, lemon water is no better than regular water.

With that being said, you can use lemon water as a low-calorie replacement for those higher-calorie beverages.

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Prep meals ahead

Too busy to cook? Why not prep your meals ahead. This way, you only have to cook every three days instead of daily.

Get a few containers and place your meals in the fridge. These can help you avoid grabbing fast food when it feels convenient. And don’t forget to prep healthy meals to help you lose weight!

Do short intense workouts

If you’re struggling to find time to do exercise, this tip is for you! Do short workouts every now and then. This is perfect if you’re new to working out or just feeling lazy. Here’s a good list of workouts you can do in less than 10 minutes.

Limit your sitting time

Be mindful of your sitting time. Nowadays, people sit in the car, when eating, working on a desk and so on. By being fully aware of how often you sit, you can make the right actions to do something about this. When watching TV, take a few minutes break to do sit-ups or squats.

Even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes a day, if you do it daily, you’re sure to get results!

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Drink water before every meal

Have you ever experienced feeling full after drinking water? Well, from now on, try drinking water before every meal to help you eat less and avoid overeating.

Water not only keeps you hydrated but it will help you lose weight.


Yes! Getting enough sleep can benefit you especially with your weight. During sleep, the body burns fats and repairs its cells.

And when you sleep, the body secrets hormones that are essential in reducing your cravings. Now, that’s awesome! If you’re having a hard time sleeping, this article has the best sleeping tips for you!

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