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Start living a sustainable lifestyle with these zero waste swaps!

Make your journey to zero waste easier with these alternatives to plastic and disposable items. But when making the swaps, don’t throw the old ones in the trash. Instead, use them up, donate, recycle, resell or give them away. After all, the main purpose of zero waste lifestyle is to prevent as many things as possible from ending up in the landfill.

Here’s a list of zero waste swaps for sustainable living.

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Instead of using single-use plastics, use:

Zero Waste On The Go

Avoid plastic cups, bottled water, utensils and straws by carrying these:

Zero Waste Toiletries

Yes! There are zero waste swaps for toiletries, here are some:

Zero Waste Bathroom

For your bathroom, here are some zero waste swaps:

Zero Waste Bedroom

Go zero waste in the bedroom with these babies:

Zero Waste Kitchen

Here are some zero waste swaps for cooking:

On the other hand, here’s a list of zero waste swaps for eating:

  • serving bowls (glass or wooden)
  • cloth napkins
  • silicone stasher bag
  • metal utensils (you can also opt for wooden cutleries)
  • wooden chopsticks

Zero Waste Cleaning

As for zero waste cleaning stuff, here are what I’d recommend:

Zero Waste Laundry

When it comes to laundry, go zero waste with these items:

Zero Waste Workspace

Finally, we’re going zero waste with our workspace with these zero waste swaps:

Did I miss anything? Feel free to recommend any zero waste product you use in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s go zero waste!

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