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When you’re not at the library studying for upcoming exams or reading a textbook, you might be found lounging in your dorm room.

You might not always be near a bathroom, but you should try to make your space as comfortable as possible. Dorm rooms are often the size of walk-in closets, so any additional space is needed.

These dorm room bath essentials will help you do that!


A college staple. You’ll need at least one towel, but depending on the size of your dorm room, you might want more than one. It’s important to have a decent towel for your bath as well as one for the shower. That way, you’ll always have a dry towel no matter where you end up drying off.

Shower Caddy

You’ll need a shower caddy to hold all your college bathroom essentials during your showers. You could do it with a small container, but it’ll be easier to carry your items in a shower caddy.

Before you take a shower, make sure all of your dorm room bathroom essentials are in the caddy. That way, you won’t forget anything (like your shampoo) and you’ll be fully prepared for the shower.


You’ll want to have both wet and dry hampers in your dorm room. The wet hamper should be for dirty towels, bath cloths, and any other items that you used for your shower or bath. The dry hamper should be for all clean clothes that you plan on wearing the next day.

It’s best to have at least two hampers so you can separate the dirty clothes from the clean clothes without much hassle.


Having a rug in your dorm room can make all the difference. You might not think that having a shower rug is necessary, but it’ll help keep your floor dry. You can place it in front of your shower or tub so you won’t have to worry about water being everywhere after a bath or shower.

Having a rug in your dorm room can also make your space feel a little cozier and at home. It’ll certainly make the area look better.

Shower Flip Flops

You’ll want some shower flip-flops in your college dorm room. When you’re trying to save space, don’t worry about bringing some regular flip-flops to wear to the bathroom. Instead, opt for shower flip flops that are specifically meant to be worn in the shower or tub area.

These flip-flops will help protect your feet from the dirty bathroom floor while you’re waiting to get into the shower.

Shower Curtain

A shower curtain will help keep the water in your tub or shower. It can also act as a makeshift door if you’re trying to save space in your dorm room.

You can also use the curtain to separate your wet side of the dorm room from your dry side. Just close the curtain while you take a bath or shower and open it when you’re done.


It’s important to have a wastepaper basket in your college dorm room. The bathroom area can be pretty messy, so you’ll want to have a place to throw all your trash without cluttering up your dorm room.

You might also want to use the wastepaper basket as a makeshift trash can in your dorm room. While you’re studying, place the wastepaper basket next to your desk and throw away paper plates or food wrappers.

Remember to place the trash in a bag or small container before putting it into the wastepaper basket. You don’t want your room to smell bad after a week!


If you’re living in a college dorm with shared bathrooms, you might want to bring a robe to the bathroom. Robes take up little space in your dorm room and they’re perfect for when you’re walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

You can also use robes as extra blankets on cold nights. It’ll certainly help keep you warm!


A mirror is a must-have for any dorm room. It’s best to have a full-length mirror that can fit into your dorm room no matter how small the space is. That way, you’ll always be able to look at yourself and make sure you’re presentable before leaving your dorm room.

Having a mirror in your college dorm room is also great for when you want to straighten your hair or apply makeup.

Bath Mat

You’ll want to put a bath mat outside of your tub or shower so you can stand on it without slipping. This is especially important if your dorm room bathroom has tile flooring.

Don’t forget to bring a towel and shower caddy with you when you take your bath. You’ll also want to have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a hair dryer, and a rug in the bathroom.

The dorm room bathroom essentials you need may vary depending on the