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It’s almost Halloween! Give your home a makeover. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll love this list of DIY Halloween decorations ideas. You can buy most of the things you need from Amazon or your local dollar store.

From your indoors to the outdoors, check out these cheap DIY Halloween decors.

Floating Candles

Found from Epbot

You’re sure to blow your friends’ and family’s minds with these floating candles. The secret ingredient to this tricky decor is a clear thread or a fishing line.

DIY Halloween Luminaries

Tired of pumpkins? Recycle your plastic buckets and turn them into Halloween-themed DIY luminaries. These are sure to last longer than pumpkins which you can then upcycle into other things.

DIY Ping Pong Ball Ghost

Found from Unoriginal Mom

Here’s a cute Halloween decor you’re sure to love! Create all sorts of ghosts including angry ghosts, goofy ghosts, happy ghosts, scary ghosts, and whatever you want to make.

DIY Glowing Halloween Eyes

For a quick and easy to make Halloween decor, try making these glowing Halloween eyes and impress your friends.

Bloody Bathroom Scene

Would you believe me if I told you, you only need less than $15 to pull this off? You only need:

  • white shower curtain (Dollar Tree)
  • paint brush (for writing on toilet bowl and strokes of blood on the shower curtain)
  • cheap white towel (Dollar Tree)
  • fake blood
  • red food coloring in the toilet bowl
  • cheap white bath mat ($2 Walmart)

DIY Apothecary Jars

Found from Frynes Designs

Got any jars? Why not create apothecary jars for Halloween? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to make!

Dangling Dolls

Found from epbot

These dangling dolls are sure to level up your home’s scary factor in Halloween. Just looking at these dolls make me feel creeped out.

DIY Halloween Glowing Luminaries

Found from Kimspired DIY

Light up your house with these luminaries. It’s simple to make. Just place any scary black Halloween stickers on a freeze paper and wrap around a glass candle. Light it up and you’re done!

Hatching Spiders

Spiders make a great creepy addition to your home! All you need are plastic spiders and some glue.

Yarn Spiderweb

Here’s another spider-inspired Halloween decor. You only need yarn, scissors, tape, and some more plastic spiders.

Bloody Candles

Found from goodnessonthego

Candles? Make it bloody candles! Simply let a red candle drip over your white candles and watch those white candles transform.

DIY Gravestones

Found from Woman’s Day

To create those gravestones, you only need kickboard and stone spray paint. You can customize this and spell out any phrase you want.

Climbing Skeletons

Found from Instructables

For your outdoors, climbing skeletons make a bad ass Halloween decor.

Black Snake Pit

Have your very own creepy table topper with a few plastic snakes and an orange candle.

DIY Mummy Luminary

Found from Bren Did

This DIY Halloween decor is only for less than $3. You only need glass jars, cheesecloth, black paper and glue.

Dancing Lawn Ghosts

Found from Listotic

If you have a wide yard, you’re going to love these DIY dancing lawn ghosts. It also looks great around a tree or a faux fire pit!

Vampire Bat Invasion

Found from madeeveryday

Get your scissors! It’s time to start cutting. Get those bat template here.

DIY Witch Legs

Found from Woman’s Day

Would you believe those legs are made from pool noodles?

Skeleton Platter

Found from  Four Front Doors

For this project, you’ll need a skeleton that you can take apart at the joints, a glass taper candle holder, a glass tealight holder and paint.

DIY Trashbag Spiderwebs

Found from Fast Forward Fun

This one’s pretty simple. You only need a scissor and trash bags.

Skeleton Hands Wreath

Do you want a wreath for Halloween? How about making one of these skeleton hands wreath?

3D Ghost Faces

Found from eHow

This one’s pretty tricky to do. You can follow this step-by step tutorial.

Body Bag Crime Scene

Found from Craftabilities

Here’s another DIY decor idea that you can make from old clothes, newspaper and a couple of trash bags.

Creepy Crawly Pumpkin

Found from The Kim Six Fix

Tired of the usual orange pumpkin? Upgrade your pumpkins with a couple of fake plastic spiders.

Black Lace Candles

Found from Big Ang Official

Don’t settle with a plain glass candle. Wrap a black lace trim for a more sophisticated look.

Scary Portraits

Found from Country Living

You’ll never look at portraits the same way again after you’re done with this Halloween decor. All you need are red mini LED Christmas lights to complete that paranormal portraits look.

DIY Crystal Ball

Your haunted dining room won’t be complete without a crystal ball. Here’s how to make one.

DIY Witches Brooms

It’s time to start weeding out your backyard. You’ll need those for this easy project. Collect a handful of weeds and grasses and wrap it around a stick. Then, to put it all together, use twine.

Printable Potions Book Covers

Found from the Idea Room

Give your books a new cover with these Halloween printables!

DIY Spell Books

Found from Popsugar

Recycle your old books and turn them into spell books!

Haunted Figurines

Before you throw your imperfect figurines in the trash, try out this DIY Halloween decor idea. Use glossy black spray paint to coat the figurines then use a red paint pen for the eyes.