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Well, you did it, you are in the middle of designing or renovating your new home. You have everything planned to start from where your bed is and what furniture to put in your living room. But along those lines have you ever considered the light which would illuminate every part of your home? No?

Most people overlook the lighting part of a house. In the end, they miss a canvas that has a lot of potentials. Designing your house lights not only adds a beautiful aesthetic to your home, but it also adds a great deal of warmth and character. Whether you decide to go with the more rustic and down to earth feels or the modern vibe to contemporary art, the list goes on, and the possibilities are endless.

Proper lighting can transform any room. Aside from adding personality to your home, it can also add a sense of your style and enhance each room’s functionality. By merely focusing on skillful lighting, you can improve the character and mood of each room, thus creating an excellent ambiance.

If you’re having a hard time designing the lighting in your home, don’t worry. In this article, we have outlined some of the tips and tricks to brighten up your house and hopefully, your day.

Take it a short step forward

There are a lot of things and possibilities within the lighting of one’s home. Most people are frequently fixated on the ceiling and making sure that the lights stay secure.

But how about taking it a short step forward and dragging it a bit lower? Make your lights dangle, or better yet get a pendant lighting and fully utilize it. Dangling lighting could be an excellent design for your kitchen and your living room.

Be creative

Light bulbs can be very versatile/ Try buying some string lights and elegantly arrange these over your headboard or around your bedroom walls. You can also do something like lights in mason jars and place these around your bedroom or your living room. Try creating a lamp hat for your LED lights from cut out boxes. Don’t limit yourself and just be creative!

Go overboard

There is no such thing as going overboard when it comes to lighting! You can never have enough lighting! Add multiple outlets and put them side by side. Then indulge in that fantastic feeling when you light up your house.

Light in layers

Time and again, it has been stated that only one layer of light is not enough to properly enhance a room’s lighting. As such, it is essential to at least have three sources of light. Think of task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting.

Task lighting helps in adding extra light in spaces where you do your activities and chores such as applying makeup, preparing food or reading a book. On the other hand, ambient lighting acts as the overhead lighting and provides enough light to a specific room. Examples of these are ceiling fixtures and chandeliers. Lastly, accent lighting will highlight any artwork or cabinet corner that you have.

Include dimmer switches

For an added versatility, get some dimmer controls and switches. This simple thing will help provide a customizable light source that’ll fit your mood and your needs. You can opt to turn on the chandelier for the kids when they are doing some of their homework or dim it a little when you have guests. It’s your choice.

Light up your entryway

Welcome your guests and provide a lasting first impression by merely placing lighting on your entrance. Try to hang a chandelier as a start especially when your house has a two-story foyer. On the other hand, if you have a single-story, consider a ceiling fixture or a deer headlight and a few sconces for your space. Plus, coming home to a well-lighted entrance is welcoming and makes a house a home.

Choose the right position for your vanity lights

Good lighting when it comes to your vanity significantly helps with your daily tasks. These activities include brushing your teeth shaving or applying your makeup. You wouldn’t want to go out looking weird and awkward. To help you see yourself clearly in the mirror, consider installing a few lights near your mirror. Sconces or pendants will do the trick.

Maximize natural light

Always clean your windows so natural light can come in freely. During the day, it’s best to utilize the sunlight and let some in as much as possible. Aside from being cheap, it is also simple and can make a lot of difference in a room. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about a gloomy-looking house. Instead, with some sunshine, your home will look more inviting and beautiful.

In the end, it all depends on how much light you want to pass through your home. Having more natural light results in a crisper and more pleasant environment for you.


Of course, every house needs one. The windows give your home a chance to breathe, a view and of course, let natural light in. So many homeowners often disregard the latter part because it is something that is not that important when it comes to the other two. But taking the time to think about where you position your windows is something that you might want to consider.

Having wider windows is a must to bring out the aesthetic of a particular part of your humble abode. Also, it is essential to consider adding a skylight when a broader window is not possible. 


Did you know that mirrors can help brighten up the room by reflecting light?  It’s a simple trick that when placed in the right spot, can bounce off light. Learn to position them correctly so you can get the best out of it.

Open your space

Open spaces are an excellent way to brighten your home. Not only does it make your home feel neat but it also gives you more space for the light to pass through.  So keep that in mind if you ever think about buying that 12-foot tall cabinet or that sala set which has way more parts than your living room can take.

Consider the shadows

Given that everything has a shadow, you may sometimes feel that you can’t control it. But no, you do. Having a shadow cover your chopping board or your cooking space is a big fat no. Not only does it lose its purpose but it can cause accidents. 

Placing the light straight in the middle of the space is good because it keeps the shadows of furniture directly below it. But it is also best to consider how big your house’s area is. Having 2 or more lightings is best for wide spaces instead of having only one that shines brightly.

Don’t forget the colors

Lastly, this is not a big deal but often overlooked. The brightness, color, voltage, and design of the bulb should always be the same. It can be a nauseating experience when you enter a house that has one yellow light bulb in one room followed by a transparent white in the other. If you have two light bulbs in one place and one broke down. Please change them both. Or if not get the same kind.

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