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Are you a person who is full of life and culture; a person who is free-spirited? Then this style is right for you!

The bohemian home concept is inspired by people who choose to live life unconventionally. They are usually the travelers, actors, and writers. 

Not a traveler, actor, or a writer? Don’t worry, boho is also for those who would like to embrace the carefree, relaxed, and unusual spirit.

Here are 8 ways to create a bohemian home!

No Rules to Follow

Throw the rules out of the window! That’s the Boho chic style. This means you can experiment on your own. 

You can try mixing and matching patterns such as florals, paisleys mixed with ethnic patterns and tribal prints with geometric patterns!

The Rugs

Apparently, rugs are a vital part of the bohemian home. Rugs give us coziness and warmth to our feet and that’s exactly what Bohemian feels like: Comfy and Relaxed.

So instead of choosing plain and ugly rugs, invest in colorful and pattern rich rugs just like this rug!

Light the scented candles

Interior designing of bohemian homes includes a good scent. Every home has a scent but what makes boho style unique is that its scent sets up the mood and relaxes your guests.

Try shopping for a scent that flatters the current season or your style, anything to show off your boho persona. I love this scented candle from Lulu Candles.

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Vintage Pieces

Vintage? Oh no! Expensive! Don’t panic just yet girl. There are affordable vintage bohemian accessories and decors almost everywhere if you just look.

Try looking for mid-century modern accessory pieces, or 1960’s to 70’s style. It’s a nostalgic feeling to have vintage pieces in your home. 

Choose Soft Fabrics

Soft Fabrics are cozier. Also, if you’re not in bright fabrics choose a subdued mix of shades like olive green, cognac, mustard yellow, and rusty oranges. Add some texture and color of your choice.


Did you know that you can actually put your old furniture when designing your boho styled home? It’s hard to throw something that has sentimental value to you. 

So, instead of giving it away situate it nicely according to where it can blend in your home. Try to paint it according to your theme or add colorful rugs on top or underneath it!

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Use Nature

Bohemian style promotes the love for nature. Adding plants to your living room or even in the bathroom has been a Bohemian trend.

Not a green thumb? You can start using plants that are not hard to maintain like cactus and some hanging plants.

Colors and Design

For a more boho feels, try using earthy colors to design your home. Using greens and browns as your base is a wise choice. Don’t be afraid to combine and layer colors. Use colors that are unique and homey.

You can also use design inspirations from countries like Cambodia or Suzani to bring out a sense of fun and exoticism.

Remember that the bohemian style is free-spirited. You know you are doing it wrong when you are stressed creating a bohemian home. Just let the creativity flow.

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